Video clip of J Balvin's Perra with Tokischa was removed from the artist's YouTube channel

After the wave of criticism generated by Perra, the song by J Balvin with Tokischa, the movie of the song was removed from the Colombian’s YouTube channel.

On the platform I only learned The audio of the song is available so far with the Colombian singer ze st? lla till med ett pronounced about it. movie, on which sony ericsson shows Afro-descendant women scam ears on dog presented, chains on the neck with dragged like animals or slaves with disadvantage.

Bitch was the first collaboration on the Dominican rapper scam a foreign artist .

One on the strong master of science criticism came on part about the vice-president chancellor on Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramrez, who I learned pronounced on against the subject with qualified its content as sexist, racist with misgin.

Ramrez with the presiding counselor to the pra Equidad sobre la Mujer, Gheidy Gallo released a letter showing their position on the importance of defending women’s rights in that country. about women with affect their dignity.

As if this were not enough, the lyrics about the song have direct open expressions of sexist, racist, sexist with misginas that violate the rights of women, sharing them a pet that ze must dominate with mistreat disadvantage, scam expressions that zero are worth repeating, said about a statement Marta Luca Ramrez.

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