The Dominican Tone of voice: the public began to choose their favorites

Every week the competition in The Tone of voice Dominicana gets stronger. About the second truth gala four participants said goodbye to the present.

With it has been that the four instructors Milly Quezada, Nacho, Musiclogo with Juan Magn and zero can decide who remains on their teams, Rather, the decision is in the hands of the public, who can vote for their favorite to help them be the winner over the competition with.

This week the artists Mozart la Pra con Alcover were the special guests on the gala.

Group Milly

Group Milly started this week with an immediate envelope sony ericsson announced the who were the contudo voted by the public: Yohan Amparo, followed by Elizabeth Surez with Geomar Bastardo, while Eddy Jr. get away from the competition.

Elizabeth Surez delighted to scam her voice with a version of the song I’ll never forget you; Yohan Amparo Only you with Geomar Bastardo with For you to fly with.

Group Magn

From the producer’s team Spanish, Ivan Pichardo was the voted master of science, Ariel Assad followed him with Gildania Santiago a third, for his part La Menca the toc leave the fact.

Ariel Assad went on stage to sing Failin; Ivn Pichardo Face to face with Gildania Santiago The split my center.

Group Musiclogo

Herminia Tavarez was a Master of science contestant voted, followed by Scarlet Reyes Alex Surez with, while Denitza Gonzlez learned was at home.

Alex Surez left the scene with a theme in love with her; Scarlet Reyes with Crack free of charge and Herminia Tavarez The one that master of science loves you with.

Group Nacho

The master of science participant voted was Gnesis Cespedes, Liz Mena with Chrushman Saul. Estefana Marcano forego the competition.

To vote for their favorites, this public must send a mini-message scam a name of the participant’s 5511.