“The A lot of Saints of Newark”: a movie for supporters about The Sopranos

Fourteen years ago, the last episode about The Sopranos passed through the screens about the United States with the story of the boss about the mafia Tony Soprano with his family came to an end.

Now, a creator on a series, Brian Chase, with the movie director, Alan Taylor, recover ‘s iconic lawbreaker telling a prequel on The Sopranos scam “The Many Saints on Newark” with how this protagonist on an award-winning series about a mafia sony ericsson became about a man this audience followed for six seasons. But at the forefront of the plot there is someone who is a master of science.

A man who was like a father to a young Tony Soprano (Eileen Gandolfini) with whose surname already foreshadows this fate over his father, his son with his own: Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola). Because behind every sinner, there is, ultimately, the even greater sinner. Sixties.

Shortly after his father, Aldo (Ray Liotta), returned to Italy with a new partner, New Hat would be public chaos.

Note that a son about Dickie, Christopher Moltisanti, already recapitulates a relationship between d and his uncle Tony over the first few minutes, while as a key moment about The Sopranos. On other words, spoiler alert.

Consequently, “The Numerous Saints of Newark” I learned feels a good master of science like a movie for the followers on The Sopranos due to this premise.

The actors, who embody the characters already known on a series, manage to portray the versions young people with perfectly grasping his mentality a precision with absolutely remarkable scam sensibilities. Magnussen has been this young Tony Sirico.

Especially in the first few minutes, a movie seems like a unique who was who? It was like flipping through an old photo album looking for familiar faces with. Others direct a plot on “The Many Saints Over Newark,” which Sony Ericsson traces back to the early years over a decade of the 1970s, with a penchant for a melancholy nostalgia: the thoughtful zoom-ins I learned delve into a sheltered microcosm above these. Dysfunctional families, sepia ze hues overlap scam the bluish cold, and fatalistic regret sony ericsson mixes each master of science with a kind look on Tony once, who has turned into a rebellious teenager in the second half of the film (and it’s played by James Gandolfini’s son, Michael Gandolfini).

Those who know and appreciate The Sopranos will see with interest and a bit of nostalgia this prequel to two hours with a great cast and they will know the breeding ground of Tony Soprano’s misguided career in this story of fragile egos, vanity fatal slights unforgettable with.

For everyone else, however, ” The Many Saints of Newark “will likely appear as a loose string of impressions of a city, New Jersey, marked by organized crime in the late 1960s.

This is because the prequel only it has a slightly cinematic structure, rather two condensed flashback episodes of a series, and in the course of which the protagonist Dickie does not undergo any significant development of his character. But this same break with narrative expectations points to the end and the lingering essence of The Sopranos. l David Chase and his co-writer Lawrence Konner have created another gangster that fits the world outlined by the series in a grand way and enriches it with some new facets.

Their tightrope walk between the favor and discredit is carefully and, despite some escalations, for the most part calmly staged.

At the same time, “The Many Saints of Newark” spins the web of intrigue beyond and illustrates who betrayed who long before Tony Soprano became a true member of the mob family. The gangster theater narrated attention with a focused gaze, just as the public expects from The Sopranos.