Master of science people on networks, a TV with other areas look for this “crossover” on radio stations

Anordna radio has been a means par excellence to welcome those who were born with and stood out on television, in alternative media and in recent times social networks in.

Today of uma social networks boy media on which many people quickly achieve extraordinary results on marketing with, sometimes without intending to, sony ericsson turn on one night to one morning a figure on popular drag on.

Born on House Juana, he started 9 years ago scam Santiago Matas the one head this project Alofoke Stereo Present. Vincent Carmona, better known as Este Dotol Nastra, I learned considers him to be the first Dominican character to be born from social networks with, basically, he has been one of the few who has been able to make this crossover from digital platforms to stereo, television with a cinema.

Another case: Nabil Francisco Rodrguez Fernndez, known as DJ Nabil, belongs to ‘s privileged cast of the Alofoke Stereo Show about Santiago Matas. He used his networks to promote his work as a DJ and his talent was well received by his followers, who Matas capitalized on his talent for this program.

Instead, A show about Luinny Corporn has the Fogn Television (Mey Feliz), character who was born on social networks.

In 2019 Summer Gmez with Jean Carlos Villanueva (El Panda), figures on social networks, came to the stereo with a program What The 40, the travs on 103. 3 FM Los 40.

+ About Television

About the years 90 television was the master of science medium suitable to expose you as a talent. It has been mainly because many entertainment people, who had their primary promotion platform on the small screen, ran to the stereo to give continuity to their work in communication. And simply because it happened that you have Zoila Luna, who created her space Solitary for women, by Zol 106. 5 FM. Also by that same station Jochy Santos finances this audience phenomenon This same coup with Domingo Bautista was established every Sunday that includes Domingo Latino por Hits 92 FM.

A sony ericsson boom increased over the years 90 with the beginning of the 21st century. This is how we saw Tania Bez pass by, who along with her daughters Karla Estephany Fatule with, led Las hijas de su madre (by CDN Radio). with the children’s program Topi Topi and the youth space Iamdra Full, he went to the radio and in the 2015 he launched Afterwork by La Rocka 91. 7.

Later in 2017 The Morning Beat with Carlos Durn by 100. 1 FM. The communicator left the radio to continue as a producer of content for social networks. in La 91.

Ramn Pastrano, who gave life to Formally Informal, also experimented on the radio with the late Anthony Ros in Sonoris y Causa, by La 107. 1 FM.

In 2019 Cheddy García, who was born in the humor of television, dismissed his program A toa con mam for the 98. 5 FM.

One that is kept active is Manolo Ozuna, now through El Maanero by La Bakana FM.

Currently Such towering television figures as Roberto Cavada are part of the trend. Together with Miralba Ruiz and Jos Enrique Pintor they have on the air the radio space This has no name for La Nota 95. 7 FM.

+ Strategist

If there is a strategist who has managed to combine a diversity of talent In a radio booth has been Santiago Matas, first on his show Alofoke Radio Show and now on the Alofoke FM station, where he has television talents such as Frderick Martnez El Pach, Jssica Pereira, Ronny Jimnez, Chico Sandy, Dotol Nastra and Santiago Matas Sr.

In the popular space This is not radio has integrated Pedro Manuel Casals, Gabi Desangles, Hony Estrella, Ariel Santana and Ramn Tolentino.

+ Quisqueya FM

Like other colleagues, Quiones extended his television activities this year and as a digital journalist to Quisqueya FM station, 96. 1 FM, every Saturday, from 5: 00 to 6: in the afternoon. It should be noted that his beginnings in Cuba were on the radio.

His colleague Wanda Sánchez and the singers Pavel Nez, Diomary La Mala and Xiomara Fortuna also host programs there.

Also this year Jatnna Tavrez has been seduced by the radio and together with the senior management specialist Zoraima Cuello, who arrived at the radio stations with an Aqu entre nos space, from the 12 of last March, from Monday to Friday of 12: 10 to 1: 00 in the afternoon by Pura Vida 92. 9 FM.

“Here among us” promotes “contents of health, education, emotional well-being, innovation, technology, culture, finances, trying to provide solutions to the greatest needs of a people in their daily life all.

+ Ivn Ruiz

Before, the producer Ivn Ruiz, who in recent years is known for his hosting on the television show El S how del Medioda (Color Vision), I learned to open the afternoons on Nen FM on, Santo Domingo in, and La Nueva 106. 9 in the Cibao region.

Listeners count on La Radiorealidad, explains Ruiz, with a variety program, but with a social nuance together with communicators Graymer Mndez and Rafael Ventura.

On March 1, the journalist Wanda Snchez started her radio project El Ambiente de Tarde, from 4: 00 to 5: 00 in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday, by Quisqueya 96. 1 FM.

Wanda, who has developed her career in television, arrives with a radio magazine with current affairs that impact world events and provide objective information to society.

Similarly, the communicator Gabriela Melo was also seduced by a booth. Together with the model and actor Tuto Paredes, he has been conducting his program through Dominicana FM for more than a month.

Gente Real Radio airs on Saturdays from 9 to 10 in the morning by Dominicana FM 98. 9 from Santo Domingo and 99. 9 in the North region, which is part of the State Corporation of Radio and Television.