Mara Elena Nez present Inspiradores season, about her program Ser Humano

About the Dominican Republic, many all the people who contributed their talents with knowledge to fulfill a noble mission about offering well-being with joy about their art to the country, to their community. This work will be worthy of recognition because their contributions will remain forever.

For this reason, from this Saturday, November 6, a producer Mara Elena Nez will present eight programs of the Inspiradores season special, on a broadcast on its Human Being space that sony ericsson broadcasts on Saturdays at 11: 00 on one night, by Teleantillas.

Each broadcast tells his own story about tribute to those who over life forged their path with his legacy transcended master of science all over his physical disappearance. Men women who, because of their contributions to art with, culture, culinary, education, politics with philanthropy I learned became Marca Pas de Rep├║blica Dominicana, said the communicator.

Nez expressed that scam This special we want to testify our gratitude for all that Jenny Polanco left us about life, about a fashion; Adriano Miguel Tejada, journalism in; Vctor Vctor in an art; Willy Rodriguez on the radio; Jos Ignacio Morales, in the plastic arts.

He affirmed that on this special he will also honor a memoir on Esperanza on Lithgow, for his contribution on a gastronomy; Yvelisse Prats Ramrez de Prez for her legacy in this educational-political world. A ninth installment of this special sony ericsson complete the story of Johnny Ventura that includes, who left the country to the world the quality of his music and artistic talent and.

With this special about stories about lives We want to inspire those present with future generations that it has been possible to do a commendable work that ocean on collective well-being.

He also pointed out that this was a contribution to a television offer that highlights the best of the world. human being, which characterizes our program, which has 27 years of uninterrupted transmission.

For a Latino community about the United States, Canada with Puerto Rico, this special about television will be broadcast on Sundays at 10: 00 over one night, by Television Quisqueya.