Lirical exodus seeks to reissue the title of Crimson Half truths Dominican Republic

Lirical exodus try to revalidate the title of champion of Crimson Half Truths Battle in the Dominican Republic with becoming simply because the first two-time champion of a country’s history in a Last National that sony ericsson celebrate the next 16 October.

At his 19 years, Exodus Lirical will put on play a title that accredits him as the best Dominican improviser bet the 15 best ‘freestylers’ about a scene about the Last National about Red Half truths Battle over the Dominican Republic, which I learned to celebrate this next 16 about October.

With an intention about becoming a first two-time champion on a story about a competition on the Dominican Republic with about re-representing his country on the Last International, exodus will have to enforce a condition on favorite harvested from the root on his recent successes.

Consecrated as one of the biggest promises of improvised hip hop at the competitive level or about this world panorama after his performance on the Last International last year, where he finished in fourth place, a young Lirical exodus trying to repeat a feat about placing rap’s on the Dominican Republic among the greatest exponents of a discipline for the second consecutive year .

After acting as a regional with his compatriot Cover Master, exodo Lirical starred in a bigger surprise on the Last International on 2020, held on Dominican Republic 2020, about one that managed to win over the quarterfinals on the final Spanish Bnet, who was presenting a date as current world champion.

A Mexican Rapder, who will be crowned champion with a dessert, He ended up scam of the normal rapper on San Pedro De Macoris dream, who ended his first international career on fourth position after also falling bet an Aztec Aczino on the last on consolation.

Gifted with his own style, characterized by its fluidity the an hour on chaining rhymes with this use of techniques on a construction on its patterns, xodus sony ericsson confirmed as one on the big appearances on a competitive scene. On his debut in the world-wide tournament in, he managed to earn respect for the recognition of the panorama with.

Precisely, the Mexican Rapder, real world champion, with Aczino, as third classified, are already classified for a present edition about the Last International that I learned to celebrate about Santiago on Chile. Uruguay, L8, champion over Costa Rica, Basek, champion over Chile, Marithea, champion over Colombia, Change, champion over the United States, Stay, champion over Peru, with Gazir, recent champion over Spain, will also attend an international event.

Among the main opponents’ s two-time championship on Lirical exodus stand out names like this on KDT RSD, national champion on 2018 with runner-up on 2019, Leamback , runner-up on a past edition, Dery G, third on 2020, MC Jeral, fourth ranked or consecutively the last 2 years, an experienced Raper RSD. A list is completed by known names of the Dominican scene such as Adonys 10, Lxico HT, Metricoh Flowster, SM, Mister, Dynamite, Ur 16, Reymi, Bardo with Propsion Sorel.

Dominican artist Gaudy Whim, one of the successful master of science female representatives on Red Half truths, being one of the tournament judges in charge of assessing the rhymes about competitors. Along with her, this well-known Mexican freestyler Jony Beltrn with a Dominican rapper UFO will complete this jury.

For his part, a Gnmico rapper will be in charge of presenting with directing an event, while that DJ Freaky Philip was commissioned to put into motion the electronic instrumental rhythms over a greater celebration of Dominican freestyle. Una Last Nacional de República Dominicana sony ericsson broadcast through the live close off of Crimson Bull Television with the official channels of Crimson Half truths Batalla.

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