Label behind BTS calls for sending your line global to launch new boy band

Big Strike Music, a music label that I learned behind the popular South Korean K-Pop group BTS, announced today the call for a global audition to form and launch a new boy band.

Any male born after 2002 can apply from today until this next 20 about December, regardless of where he lives or was born, according to a company reported today .

Anyone who wants to participate must send a video about ‘s minus one minute of duration about one that appears singing, rapping or dancing accompanied on a frontal photo without filters on an internet page created for a audition:

You can also send music that one has produced on a sound file accompanied by a mentioned front photo, since Huge Hit also looks for people who work on a new band behind the scenario.

When sending the files, fill in a form on which z and they ask for information about contact, name, place, date of birth, an address of the place about residence um a height.

The house on records assures that “they are looking for people with talent with passion to be a new global superstar. “

Large Hit, founded as a small agency over 2005, anordna eventually became a major company in the K-Pop world, surpassing a combined value over the three old giants of the industry, SM Enjoyment, JYP Amusement with YG Enjoyment thanks to the success on BTS.

After a formation with this launch on BTS the beginning about this decade, Tomorrow Back button Together with a soloist Lee Hyun large Strike expanded his portfolio on artists scam a band.