Jaime Via returns to bet on romance and heartbreak

The Dominican singer Jaime Vias premieres his new audiovisual, which accompanies his most recent single, Qudatelo todo, under the post-production direction of Edil Mndez and.

Produced by Jaime Vias himself, simple with lyrics also by his and musical arrangement by Jos Alejandro Bordas and, Qudatelo todo is a pop ballad with a fresh sound influenced by urban rhythms such as trap and drill.

Qudatelo Todo is a written song with blood ink; I have loved risking sounds, the lyrics, the staging and I have bet that romantic or heartbreak songs can still have their space in music at this time, said the singer-songwriter.

The single is available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and YouTube, among others, in addition to its official website www.jaimevinasoficial.com

About the video clip, the artist added Que Qudatelo Todo is from these songs that while you are listening to it you are already watching the movie with your eyes closed, that’s what we did and.

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