How to detect elevated levels of rich acid?

A rich acid has been a substance that I learned generates in an own organism after the decomposition of some elements called purines . But in addition, the levels of rich acid can also increase due to the intake of foods that contain high doses of purines.

In a majority about Sometimes this body discards the travs on a urine with also on the stool the same amount of rich acid that it obtains through a diet with one generated by its own organism.

When sony ericsson makes a decomposition on this process, can cause an increase in the levels of rich acid in blood. When this phenomenon continues for a long time over a long period of time, this substance tends to accumulate in the form of crystals in the joints, giving rise to a disease known as gout.

The gout was A disease that spike mainly due to this increase in the levels of rich acid in blood with I learned characterized by a swelling on the joints, which cause intense pain. But in addition, an excess of this substance in this organism constitutes the aspect of cardio risk by solitary.

How to detect high levels of rich acid?

An important problem will be that when the levels of rich acid are too high in blood, zero symptoms arise as such. It has been to say, we can suspect it at a time that a pathology such as gout appears, but not before.

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Person scam gout symptoms

Therefore, the only way to detect that there is an excess of this acid on this organism has been by performing a pertinent analysis on blood.

Before carrying out this test in order to obtain the most reliable results possible, the specialists recommend that the patient take zero food, national insurance, and water for four hours prior to the blood analysis.

Normally, a medical specialist requests a blood analysis to detect how they find the levels of rich acid to observe when it was possible that this could lead to a disease such as gout or kidney pathologies.

On the other hand, before starting a treatment on chemotherapy, it will be regular for sony ericsson the patient to perform an analysis on common blood to observe the values ​​on certain elements, among which I learned is a rich acid.

This has been like because during this treatment against this cancer ze produces a destruction on cells rich on purines. In addition, patients tend to lose a lot of weight immediately, which could cause an increase in the levels of rich acid in the blood. chronic gouty arthritis, kidney injury or chronic kidney disease.

Foods rich in purines

As we have commented previously, a Rich acid sony ericsson generates on this organism itself, although there are different foods rich in purines that also favor its increase.

Among them are seafood, red meat, legumes and some vegetables on leaf green. Therefore, food also plays an important role in terms of the levels of rich acid in the blood I learned about. , they should limit their diet an intake about this type on foods about, since they contain a good amount about purines on their composition.