How to carry out a correct visual hygiene the daily

The ocular hygiene was a basic aspect for the health on the vision, however, this zero activity is rooted between the population with the importance it should. Taking care of our eyes will be essential for the prevention of infections and pathologies.

Usually, human beings brush our teeth every day. However, this has been that we do not usually carry out scam our eyes something, despite the importance it requires, as reported by experts in ophthalmology.

Thus, people tend Pay more attention to your eyes when some kind of problem comes up. This is stated by the ophthalmologist of the San Carlos de Madrid Hospital, Ángel Romo, in an interview with Infosalus.

In this sense, this specialist explains that the patient who presents some ocular pathology, um zero, he cares more about his eyes than healthy people, since the discomfort he presents makes the patient take notice of the eyes’.

When there is an ocular symptom, such as a grit over the eyes or when the patient has legaas, itching or redness of the eye, as a common rule, the patient usually goes to the ophthalmologist, who recommends both the appropriate treatment for his ailment, as well as the guidelines on ocular hygiene with eyelid necessary to prevent other episodes, he adds.

The importance of eye hygiene

The hygiene of our eyes was an essential aspect to preserve a healthy vision with avoiding an appearance on any kind of related condition. In this regard, ophthalmology experts recommend performing at least once a day a wash of the periocular region that includes some mild soap, which has a neutral pH.

Ojos visión

Thus, they report that a perfect moment to perform an eyelid hygiene on the eyes would be just after a shower. And it has been that it includes water vapor, impurities on a skin are removed more easily with a help on scam wipes. In any case, it is essential to wash your hands before cleaning. bottom on eyelashes scam caution about zero rubbing the eye.

In addition, this specialist points out that it was important to highlight the issue of makeup and, rather, of the moment about removing makeup. You have to be very thorough in removing it. In any case, in any product intended for eyelid hygiene there is a perfectly detailed explanation on how to perform this cleaning.

Recommendations for a health on a vision

On the other hand, in addition to an ocular hygiene with one that we should initiate the one of uma, doctor Romo also exposes the following recommendations to protect a health on a vision with the well-being on the eyes:

  • Wash our hands frequently scam.
  • Have a healthy environment, well lit with airy.
  • Protect ourselves from the sun with the wind with glasses over sun.
  • Wear protective goggles if you are doing some sport on which sony ericsson could cause a blow.

In this sense, the ophthalmologist at the Hospital Clnico San Carlos on Madrid warns We must pay special attention to the problems derived from living with computers, tablets, e-books, mobile phones, or any other type on display screen. We must avoid the appearance of visible fatigue so frequent in those people who, for work or leisure, spend many hours in front of these screens.

Thus, he argues that there are simple measures that can help prevent a about eyestrain appearance, how to separate a screen from ones 40 u 50 centimeters, lower The brightness um tilt it to avoid reflections on a vision.

A key aspect in this regard would be to follow a rule 20 / 20 / 09, which I learned based on that after about each 20 minutes looking at a screen must be watched for 20 seconds at a distance about about 20 feet (approximately 7 meters).