How to add vitamin D to breakfast

The vitamin D is an essential nutrient for people, but curiously it is one of the nutrients that presents the greatest deficiency among the population. However, there are different ways to obtain this type of vitamin .

As, this vitamin is important for different functions of the body. It is mainly essential for bone health because it stimulates the absorption of calcium. In addition, this nutrient is also essential for muscle action and for the functioning of the immune system, among other aspects.

On the other hand, vitamin D is a particular nutrient, since its main source of obtaining is the ultraviolet rays of the sun. By exposing the skin to the sun, the body has the ability to synthesize vitamin D through a laborious complex.

Practically the 80% of the amount of vitamin D present in the body comes from the sun, while the rest is incorporated through the and even through vitamin supplements, food.

Breakfasts with vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for health while breakfast is the most important meal of the day for people. Thus, incorporating good levels of vitamin D from the first hour is a great option.

Persona bebiendo leche
Person drinking milk

In this sense, during breakfast we should try to incorporate the body around the 25% of nutrients during the day. In addition, it is advisable to vary the breakfast to be eaten during the week, to accommodate new vitamins and essential minerals to give. that provide some kind of dose of this nutrient. Well, among them we find egg yolk, enriched milk, oily fish such as salmon, mushrooms, avocados or enriched cereals.

At first glance, taking into account these foods it seems that we have different alternatives to add vitamin D to the body during breakfast.

Possible breakfasts

A suitable way to incorporate vitamin D breakfast is through the consumption of milk enriched with this mineral. In addition, milk can be combined with enriched cereals, coffee or soluble cocoa.

In this sense, the EsNuPi study has recently been published, promoted by the Spanish Nutrition Federation, where it is noted of the need to increase the intake levels of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium among Spanish children. And fortified milk is an ideal option.

Also, having a French omelette from time to time is also an effective option. Thanks to the egg yolk we will get good doses of this vitamin. But this food is also a source of protein.

Another alternative is to use a toast of bread with avocado and add a small sheet of smoked salmon. In this way we can increase the levels of vitamin D and face the day with energy.

Thus, if we have a terrace or balcony and we can take advantage of the sun’s rays from the first moments of the day for breakfast and contribute to having optimal levels of this mineral.