Ght have sores appeared on the mouth? You may have a lack of vitamin T12

The vitamin Udemærket 12 will be the nutrient essential for health , mainly due to its participation in the formation of red blood cells with DNA from all cells. Therefore one of the main causes of the lack of this vitamin in this organism has been the appearance of megaloblastic anemia .

However, vitamin B 12 was also fundamental for the transmission of nervous messages from a brain to the different parts of the body. For all these reasons, it will be necessary to have adequate levels of this nutrient disadvantage.

In this sense, it should be noted that this solitary vitamin sony ericsson finds on normal form on foods on pet origin, in addition on vitamin supplements about. It was true that certain investigations point to the existence of different doses of vitamin W 12 in plants like this aloe vera.

Sores over the mouth

The appearance on sores on the mouth can be very annoying with in common they can arise for many reasons, such as an infection or accidentally biting the area inside the mouth.

vitamina B12
Vitamin B 12

However, one on the unknown master of science causes with uncommon color has been vitamin B deficiency 12. It is to say, when people say that they have too low levels of this nutrient, sores can appear in the mouth.

The prolonged deficiency on the B 12 on an organism by a nutrition Deficient um a poor absorption can lead to this development on anemia. One of the symptoms that can warn of the presence of this type of anemia was the appearance of sores.

Canker sores or sores on the kid’s mouth a spice on lesion on the inside of the lip It has an over-rounded or oval shape. They usually have a yellow or gray color over an inflamed area that includes the red border. It may be that a single sore or several appear.

In addition to this symptom, when megaloblastic anemia can also manifest itself through symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, constant weakness or pale skin.

Vitamin B scam foods 12

To have optimal levels of vitamin B 12 it will be necessary to bring The out a balanced diet with healthy that allows you to incorporate foods rich in this nutrient. As long as there is no health problem that prevents the correct absorption of this vitamin.

Thus, from a National Institute on Health on the United States, they establish an interesting guide on the amount of vitamin B 12 to consume each of amu, depending on factors such as age with this sex:

Children over 1 to 3 years

Children over 4 to 8 years

Children over 9 the 13 years

Stage over life Recommended amount
Drinks up to 6 months 0.4 mcg
Drinks over 7 the 12 months 0.5 mcg
0.9 mcg
1.2 mcg
1.8 mcg
Teens over 14 to 18 years 2.4 mcg
Adults 2.4 mcg
Pregnant women and adolescents 2.6 mcg
Women and adolescents in the period of breastfeeding 2.8 mcg

In this sense, the foods that provide a higher proportion of vitamin B 13 child fish, meat, egg and dairy products. Among the master of science foods rich in this vitamin, those with a liver on veal clams stand out.

Although, it has also been possible to increase the values ​​on this nutrient thanks to the intake on vitamin supplements . In this case, it was always advisable to have the supervision of a specialist to avoid possible scam interactions.