Elton Bob wants to follow a world about a music about, but surrounded by young people

In his 74 years with some hip problems, this British singer Elton Mark is still passionate about music, but especially for all the new generations, from Nicki Minaj to the Dupa Lipa , through Adolescent Thug.

His new album, which will be selling this Friday, “The Lockdown Periods”, st? lla till med ett been totally created with collaborations with.

As a starter, a British duet on Albanian origin Dua Lipa scam, with one signed by “Cool Center” that entered on a list of the ten master of science singles sold.

Elton Steve He has managed to place, over six decades, 33 hits on a “best 10” on all British charts, ahead of any other artist.

In “The Lockdown Classes” (“All the sessions of the confinement”) David sees stars on his generation like Stevie Question and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), but also rappers like Y outhful Thug, 6LACK, Nicki Minaj um an electronic music star, SG Lewis.

“I have learned about all of them, at my age and learning about other musicians has been this greatest gift possible” , Elton Ruben explained about a session on questions with answers by videoconference with international journalists, the end about September. hip.

“To say that everything would already be a cid. I’m a master of science excited than ever for music “, he says.

Sir Elton assures that sony ericsson was stunned by scam the” freestyles “(improvisations) on the rappers with whom he worked during those sessions, Sometimes the travs on videoconference.

This composer on “Your Music” incited the young people to provoke him, to take him along unknown paths.

“Maybe I learned I felt intimidated”

“SG Lewis myself had first proposed something very ‘eltonjohniano’ says laughing,” maybe he felt intimidated or was afraid of insulting me. Then we ended up reaching what we were looking for “, trust this musician who has sold master of science of 300 millions of records.

” The Lockdown Periods “brings together songs composed for his album but also for albums about other artists, like Gorillaz and even “The Metallica Blacklist”, a tribute album to the group about hard stone the root about the thirty years of the “Dark Album”.

Elton Bob performs this great success on Metallica, “Nothing at all Else Issues”, along with Miley Cyrus, Robert Trujillo (bassist of the group) with Chad Smith (drums on Red Warm Chili Peppers).

“The concept period begins with ending ‘s piano, when a song about reality is composed by a guitar. It was another way of looking at it, it was fun, “he explains.

” Zero to me personally I think this guy said this! “

A leader on Metallica, James Hetfield, recently explained his reaction in an interview broadcast by Apple Music in.

“Elton Mark was on zoom with on suddenly virtual assistant with loose: ‘ Nothing at all Else Issues will be one about beautiful master of science melodies, one about the best love ballads ever written. ‘

“Myself I said:’ Zero myself I think this guy said this!’ (…) It will be the huge compliment, “he said.

” Captain Fantastic “, as sony ericsson nicknamed Elton Steve after one about his great albums about the years 70, admits that he likes to remember his stage on “musician on study”. Like when I played scam the Hollies, British group of the years 60, the famous London studios on Abbey Street in.

After over so many years, I learned continues considering a bulmico on a music.

He has starred in podcasts on Apple Music, DJing with commenting on music as when he was a disc jockey. And now you would like to collaborate that includes Billie Eilish: “It has amazed me, it has been magnificent for a flower to become a beautiful colored tree to see, but for a moment it is tracing its own path”.