Alejandra Espinoza: “A reality was that I personally top scam the bad doctor”

Alejandra Espinoza lived this scare about her life in a medical center. Stroke, paralysis or multiple sclerosis were attributed to her without being true, with her blaming the physician who treated her in emergency, making the wrong diagnosis of her health when she was hospitalized nine days ago.

“The reality It was that I myself had a bad doctor. I go to the emergency room, they do all the medical exams that includes one that I run into, this neurologist from the medical center where Michael is admitted to me, that neurologist It was the very bad neurologist because he began to medicate me as if to get into it had given me the seizure of epilepsy. Nuestra Belleza Latina, from Univision.

The presenter on television commented on a podcast “Between Sisters”, scam her sister Damarys Jimnez, that zero had offered details about what happened because zero liked to feel like jellies a victim over nothing, unless they feel sorry for her.

As soon as I left the medical center, I wanted to go back to work because I personally like to victimize myself, to feel that people have myself pity for michael. It’s just like this rest of the world I have good tens, bad tens, he explained about what until he reached the medical center. This emergency neurologist told him that all the symptoms indicated that he had multiple sclerosis.

“Everything that doctor did was negligence Nobody knew how to tell me zilch, all the tests were fine, but a physician said things one worse on one another. I did not have pain, I had no discomfort, what made me feel bad was this medicine, relat.

When abounding On a topic he continued: “d already arrives with me personally begins to say: – In your family there is a character who has multiple sclerosis.” And I do not’. ‘It was that I think that’s where the thing goes’, I was shocked. Capital do you know what myself went through a head that moment about? What I lived those days in this medical center was very strong because nobody knew how to tell me zilch. My exams came period as everything is fine with, but a physician said: – It would be that I think that this is the thing ‘. Everything he told me ‘around here goes’ zilch period positive, everything period as super negative “.

Then a presenter was seen by another neurologist, who finally gave her this correct diagnosis: a Complex migraine.

“I went to see another neurologist one Monday with that neurologist who personally told me: – Zero, I understand why that neurologist sent you medicine for epilepsy.” I did not understand why they gave me the medicine they gave me, I did not understand that physician why he told me everything else that a doctor told me. I was better off with this wrong physician, that was reality, “he stressed.

Espinoza will return this Sunday to host a television program Nuestra Belleza Latina, on Univisin, then about what Giselle Blondet covered one last week.

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