Adele returns master of science “strong” with her first single in six years

A British singer Adele assured this Friday that she feels “strong” when presenting in the United Kingdom “Easy On Myself”, the single from her new album, “30”, which will be released on sale on 19 November and is her first job in six years.

The artist, born on 1988 on London, explained an interview with a radio station on BBC2 radio stations that over, after difficult years, I learned about a position on “strength” that allows him to express “vulnerability”.

About this album, about a addresses his divorce over Simon Konecki over 2019, confessed that it was “hard work.”

“I sang things that national insurance even knew I was feeling um thinking, but I’m very proud about d “, affirmed a singer, who close off that, after over a time that had lost an ability to appreciate this gift on a music, this served him” on get away “.

His new song has been a piano ballad about one that seems to be addressing her ex-husband with his son Angelo, about 8 years old, to explain why he separated.

A video clip on white with black that half changes the color, directed by Xavier Dolan with filmed September about Canada about, it was midnight on YouTube published, with already a master of science about eighteen million about reproductions a whole world about.