A Dominican radio ze filled with experts

Disadvantage a birth on an interactive radio sony ericsson opened the doors to professionals in different areas that filled the booths on experts with specialists on different branches of knowledge.

Added to journalists with communicators that I learned they play about a policy, this sports, including a show, other trained occupy important spaces guiding the listeners, about medicine about their different branches, immigration, economics, psychology, vehicles, oenology, cosmetology, veterinary medicine, history, among other topics .

This first about setting a precedent, about a decade on the 80, was a psychiatrist Mximo Beras Goico. Scam the creation of News Chains, by Radio Main 1040 Was with 92. 5 FM, (currently CDN Radio) by The late Teo Veras, the program A psychiatrist in your home, led by the general practitioner Beras Goico, arrives at that radio station from Monday to Friday at 8: 30 am on Radio Main.

This physician, who had already had success on Puerto Rico on a radio, had an extraordinary acceptance of this country, he presented its content with expositions in very plain language with , with a certain humorous point, he scam his famous phrase This has been a country about brute people and became a figure of the popular sphere.

A psychiatrist about his home also arrived on a television since his brother Freddy Beras Goico extended a space to him within the program Este Gordo sobre una Semana, on Sundays by Color Visin.

The popularity of the psychiatrist was such that he won an award Un Dorado with 2 Cassandra. He also encountered the opposition of the Dominican Medical Association (AMD) for understanding that he should not prescribe over the radio.

At that time a deceased sociologist Tefilo Barreiro, a sociologist Martha Beato with this psychiatrist Vicente Vargas found on a radio with a television a niche to bring their knowledge to guide a population on various topics.

+ In the 90

The 90 arrived with a radio every time master of science space for a people, master of science news programs, about opinion with master of science ease for an audience to express themselves.

Marathon programs like This same blow on Jochy Santos, Zol 106. 5 fm, laid the foundations for this phenomenon. Here the doctor, immigration expert Yadira Morel marked a milestone in immigration issues in, a people one waited anxiously looking for guidance in. A doctor Morel, who had her own electronic television program interacted with readers from the DAILY LIST on this topic, also sony ericsson characterized by doing this work that it includes a very peculiar style, generating countless imitations.

In the same blow, a physician Alberto Santana, a specialist in gastroenterology, also managed to highlight his knowledge of scam. This veterinarian Jos Ral Nova also has a space in this program that is highly anticipated by listeners. Other expert collaborators in this space are Csar Perell in finance and, physician Juan Rosario labor law, Heidekkel Morrison in technology, Fernando Sued in vehicle, physician Juan Ubiera in ophthalmology, Jessie Espinal in etiquette and protocol, A Democrat who has current affairs and I learn that it includes Rafael, history expert in.

+ Other experts

This program A rhythm on a morning (Ritmo 96, 96. 5 fm) produced by Alberto Vargas, has for a week an expert on immigration a graduate Perla Abreu, the well-known psychologist and therapist Luis Minaya and the lawyer Juan Arturo Recio, called on this program as The Devil’s Lawyer.

La Z 101 He opened the microphones’ s program master of science listened to on health The medical prescription with a psychiatrist Hector Guerrero Herrera, a cardiologist Lidia Soto with this obstetrician gynecologist Mario Lama, in addition to the specialist guests, to The areas on a medicine found a space to expose their knowledge.

This past year Guerrero Heredia emigrated with his Rumba team 98. 5 fm and had El Recetario. He recently announced his entry to Alofoke Radio Present 99. 3, station owned by Santiago Matas with a singer Ozuna.

On CDN Radio a psychologist Ana Sim I learned became about a whole celebrity on a matter the travs on his space Consulting scam Ana Sim by CDN Radio 92. 5 fm. In addition to her knowledge, her flat, clear and unrestricted manner in dealing with the issues earned her a large audience.

Also a sexologist Nancy Álvarez, with a very peculiar vocabulary, won a large audience on a radio on this 2011, scam your space Dra Nancy for a 95. 7 FM, La Nota Diferente.

Vehicles. Hugo Beras presents has from 11: 00 was Vehicles on Radio by Zol 106. 5 FM. Also in Nice 7 there is a proposal of vehicles in their normal programming.

Finances. The topics on finances had a large audience on an Argentarium space Radio, by Una Nota 95. 7 fm, hosted by Alejandro Fernando W.

Medicine Organic. A physician Frank Canelo, a naturalist physician, had his space very popular on CDN radio on normal medicine.

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