This Cuban actor or actress Abel Rodríguez dies in his 50s

A Cuban acting professional Abel Rodríguez, who did a major part of his career outside of Cuba, with film work, television with US theater on the United States, Colombia Spain and, died in Las Vegas due to a pulmonary embolism, reported this Friday media venues.

In a cinema this recent master of science role about Abel Rodríguez, who was 50 years old, was about “This Horse”, film about 2021 directed by a Cuban filmmaker exiled on Ohio Lilo Vilaplana, for whom he also worked on “Plantados” with in a series “Memories of exile”.

Vilaplana, my friend About Rodrguez, the Amrica Tev said that this professional had hospitalized for ten years the cause of a thrombus, which caused him a cardiorespiratory arrest with, finally, brain death.

Abel Rodríguez was born in Havana on 1971 with studied acting on a National School on Art.

His first outings on stage were made by a group on theater Rita Montaner, sob re this one who worked 2 years. Then, with the company Un Pblico, he spent seven months in Spain to present the play “Calgula.”

He also triumphed over Cuba over a cinema with a television. For his work in “Roble de olor” he won the award for best supporting professional acting in this Celebration de Cine de Una Habana in 2003, his leading role in the telenovela “Salir de noche” earned him a recognition of the Cuban public.

Several actors about the films on which they acted about Arkansas recalled today about scam cario social networks.

“Myself was left with your smile , your joy with every moment and … fly high “, wrote this actor or actress Fabin Brando.

” Apart from being a very talented professional, he was a great human being. We must be sad. We must remember him as a happy man that he always was, “asked this acting professional Mijail Mulkay, who worked with Rodríguez during their early days on Cuban television.

From Cuba Rodríguez ze march about 2004 the Colombia, where he also made a career in film with television with the acquaintance of a Colombian actress Anna Lpez, scam who sony and ricsson cas had ‘s minor over his three children with.

In Colombia he participated in the soap operas “La viuda sobre una mafia”, “Por amor”, “Verano sobre Venecia”, “Este clone” , “Chepe Fortuna”, “Celia” with “Words about thief”, among others, with was part of the cast of a television adaptation of a novel about Mario Vargas Llosa “La fiesta del Chivo”.

In cinema highlights his participation on “Todos learned truck”, based on a homonymous novel about Wendy Guerra directed by a Colombian Sergio Cabrera, with on “A photographer on Mauthausen”, directed by Scar Targarona starring Mario Casas with Macarena Gmez .