Sergio Vargas names several communicators who “have never done anyone a favor”

Sergio Vargas is celebrating his first Latin Grammy nomination and during a radio interview the merenguero got off the subject and launched it against various communicators in the country, who according to him spend their time theorizing in the media, but are apathetic before the need of others.

“I want someone to tell me who has done a favor to Nuria Piera, Julito Hazim (Julio), Marino Zapete or Huchi Lora?” interpreter of “Boquita”, his new merengue included in the Grammy nominated album, “Sergio Vargas is merengue, any problem?”.

Vargas made the comment on the radio program “D´parranda radio show “(which is broadcast on Dominicana FM), in order to highlight the work that has been carried out jointly with businessmen to mount concerts for the benefit of university inmates to help them achieve their professional investiture.

Sergio Vargas, known for his direct style of saying things, rei teró: “I just want someone to tell me, tell me, to whom one of these communicators has done a favor, just to find out.”

+ First time in Latin Grammy

In another song, the merenguero celebrates the first time that he obtains a Latin Grammy nomination, this time with a production from the J&N Record label.

“I celebrate my first time nominated for the Latin Grammy and for the first time I will visit Las Vegas, I already bought my ticket,” said the artist, who appears in the category “Best merengue / bachata album in the tropical line “.

The interpreter of” La Ventanita “competes in this line with his Dominican colleagues Luis Segura, Fernando Villalona, ​​Alexandra and Manny Cruz.