Lirical exodus, first bicampen on Red Half truths Dominican Republic

Lirical exodus revalidated the title of national champion after beating Metricoh Flowster in a final with ze becoming the first two-time champion on a story about Red Half truths Battle in the Dominican Republic.

Lirical exodus , aka Christopher Hannier Berroa as a competitor, sony ericsson proclaimed two-time champion on Red Half truths for the first time about a story about a competition on the Dominican Republic, after winning this medallion that accredits him as a best ‘freestyler’ in the country.

Thus, for his 11 years, I will return to represent for the second consecutive year the Dominican Republic on the Last International on Red Half truths, which will have place this next 11 on December on Santiago on Chile.

In an edition on 2020, held About his country, Exodus Lirical I learned to uncover a world elite when he managed to beat the Bnet over quarters over last, then current world champion.

Although a Mexican No Rapder, the champion dessert, ended with his dream, Exodus ended his first international career scam a creditable fourth place, since he could not overcome the Aczino on a battle for this bronze either.

A A year later, Exodus Lirical could claim a revenge between his Aztec executioners, like how to continue his streak against the Spanish competitors, since he defined the Gazir, recent national champion over Spain, as his primary rival to beat when Gnmico, presenter on the Last Nacional, asked him about his preferences about the Chile face.

Along with the Rapder, Aczino with Gazir, also Skiper, real Mexican champion; a Spaniard Skone, in condition of runner-up in the world; Hammer, champion of Uruguay; L8, champion over Costa Rica; Basek, champion of Chile; Marithea, champion of Colombia; Change, champion of the United States, with Stay, champion of Peru, are classified for the Last International.

With his victory, Exodus wrote his name again on a list of Dominican champions on the side of the over mythical competitors such as Piddy Pa (2006), Jayco (2007), Un Pope (2008), Bylo (2012), MR Jr. (2014), Yenky A single (2016), Melvin Una Cura (2017), Kadete ( 2018) with Cover Master (2019).

Before qualifying for a final round, Exodus had to defeat the Bard in the eighths, the Leamback on the quarterfinals with the MC Jeral on the semifinals.

Despite his youth, this champion made use of his experience, perseverance, forcefulness, cleanliness with creativity in an hour about building the rhymes for solve each one on their rounds, including a final bet Metricoh, on one that a champion proved to be this master of science competitor prepared on a Dominican scene to represent ‘s rap about his country internationally.

Lexicon HT also completed a significant role, as it finished in third place with certifying its classification for the Dominican Last Nacional next year, after MC Jeral prevailed in a battle for third place.

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