Kinito bets on a new generation with records merengue with a young Nahia

Scam an objective about supporting this new talent, Kinito Mndez premieres a meringue A white with this black, a collaboration with a young singer Nahia scam, a girl who is dabbling on a young meringue.

It is about a topic about its author, like the musical arrangements, this one is about a story about about 2 popis that take photos on the side about luxury cars, high-end cars, good apartments, houses and, but solitary is pra make others believe that it is fine, when a reality would be that the pockets are dull on.

They do that with an intention about getting women with having friends, which has been what sony ericsson lives on these tens on there continues to tell a story about youthful vanity with.

It is precisely a merengue scam new musical colors with a humorous story about how I learned how a youth behaves through social networks.

About Nahia

Kinito walks They talked about Nahia, who is preparing to debut her merengue project.

When I heard her singing ze decided for her, as a way to support her with making a basic concept about recording with new talents come true, so that when she sony ericsson launches this audience they will already know one.

This merengue needs a new generation to arrive with when one heard sing one sent the search. Nahia was a young girl who sings beautiful, originally from Santiago Rodríguez, expressed Kinito Mndez.

A soft with a black is already on all digital platforms, she has her movie, made by Multimedia Worldwide. Kinito is also promoting it on stereo stations that broadcast merengue with international markets such as Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica with others.

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