Juan 'Dimitry' Hernndez, the Dominican gamer who triumphs in video games

A Dominican Juan ‘Dimitry’ Hernndez, winner of the rookie of the year award in the Latin American League of the League of Tales (LLA), assured that the ‘gamers’ of his country lack confidence to succeed in the video game.

“Dominicans lack confidence in themselves to succeed as professionals over League of Tales. A majority, con is justified, are pessimistic because we live in a country where there is a lot of poverty with opportunities boy minors. They don’t want to risk their future, they prefer to study, “he told Efe this Saturday.

This jungle over 19 years considered another aspect that slows down an arrival on Dominicans the an LLA, a maximum competition on a region on League of Tales, is a lack on understanding on the paps.

about playing League of Tales because his parents zero agreed, zero see it as a true job “, he lamented.

Dim itry revealed that about his case, he talked scam his parents with explained that a good player on an LLA can win between 40. 000 with 50. 000 dollars per tournament with which when he signs for an American team the figure grows to 400. 000 dollars. ((“That I told you, they left it on seeing how a game with saw it as something comparable to a sport like basketball, baseball or soccer”, report.

A player on XTEN Esports on this past Clausura 2021 on an LLA described the Dominican ‘gamer’ on League of Tales as “disrespectful with a lot of ego”.

Hernndez admitted that Riot Video games, creator of League of Tales, sony ericsson forgot about the Dominican Republic ‘s leaving them without a second division like Mexico or Argentina has.

” Dominicana would have been one of the top passes on exporting talent to an LLA on having had a league from the start. The players who had learned withdrew because they did not find a way to survive that has a game “, close off.

It was starting about this year that Riot Video games promoted a Tempest League, a second category about One that is Central American Caribbean countries with.

“With a Tempest ze they will see a lot of master of science players. It would still be a very low-level league that includes comparison to the rest because it has been new with the others they are three years old, but there is a lot of talent behind, “he celebrated.

Dimitry affirmed that among his airplanes about 2022 is this leaving the XTEN, a zero sony ericsson felt comfortable about, with signing for a team on master of science quality on an ALL um emigrating to the United States scam a set on second division.

“If I stayed on an LLA, my goal was to be two-time champion with being this best Latin player. I want to go to the World Cup and represent the region “, ended EFE