In Santiago is Commented: A great concert by Cecilia García

I was delighted when Luis Miguel De Camps entered the main hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, where his mother, the versatile Cecilia García, was performing a song at her concert “Cecilia In All Times “. Wonderful the surprise that her son gave her when singing with her, tender moment. Cecilia put on a good show, with elegance and sobriety. She is good as an artist. He wore four suits that night, fabulous designs by our Leonel Lirio. How beautiful it is when the son identifies with his mother, who by the way, Luis Miguel inherited the gifts of both parents, sings well and is a good politician, I had the pleasure of interviewing him and he was a lot like his father, Hatuey De Camps, to whom I was joined by a great friendship. Very good show presented by this artist, who has lived in Miami for many years.

Naca´n Restaurant

Finding ourselves in the Colonial Zone has always been fun, but even more so, dining in a very elegant restaurant, located in a building over a hundred years old, which is part of the country’s architectural heritage It is fascinating, its decoration is beautiful, a mixture of old and modern, an exquisite place, I think that in the country it is the only one where we can taste delicious imported meats, all of Premium cuts, brought from Chicago and aged for fifty-four days.


Naca’n is a very exclusive site , discreet, it has a cellar with an excellent selection of the best wines, young people dressed in black, super attentive, serve the table, a restaurant where culture, art and gourmet cuisine converge. In another environment on the second level, there is a pleasant bar, with a beautiful decoration. On Thursdays and Fridays they play live tropical jazz, what a pleasure, you can also dance, it seemed that we were in France. Naca’n is a good proposal to go for a walk through the Colonial Zone and visit it, excellent.

Expo Cibao

This year Expo Cibao was a social, business and tourist event, it had much more connotation, because the past was virtual. Many people from the capital moved to Santiago to go around and see Central Park, which has been one of the good things that the past government has done. Until next time.