From a last armchair: Reborn, another look

Santo Domingo. RD

A best movie by Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu was Amores perros (it’s on Netflix). When that, Guillermo Arriga wrote scripts and I learned that he was inaugurating a cinema of contrasts in a city that has a lack of opportunities for the displaced.

That film was a choral vision of a Latin American tragedy at the dawn of the 21st century from an perspective on winners with losers, always condemned by implacable marks on their own beliefs, limiting conflicts and.

Since that tape, Gonzlez Irritu ze anordna became famous from a master of science perspective. He knows how to shake hands with both revenge and counter-revenge. Obviously, we are not facing Park Chang-woo’s contributions to the vengeful theme after Aged young man.

This Asian movie director explores with surprise. A Mexican has become a box office instrument. The instrument well made, scam him on your critics, sorry.

This film about today about Gonzlez Irritu seeks popularity from starting on a construction about heroes with incapable anti-heroes about forgiving, either due to errors or misprints.

Now Netflix is ​​also reviving its award-winning film The Revenant where it shows off its film experience, especially ‘s achieving a finished staging with an exemplary photograph (there are plenty of panoramic samples combined with surprising close-ups) with an ambient music without hints on tepidity.

As a complement, it introduces an attentive soundtrack both for ambient noises and its own sounds over time with space.

Along with its inexcusable commercial air, a film about Gonzlez Irritu falls on an orthodoxy. A script rejects the version of the joyful finish in favor of the good guys and covers the certainty of the price of revenge: whoever seeks justice by his hand must be willing to do anything, even to lose.

It is a good occasion that Netflix offers to compare yesterday with today about an Academy-acclaimed movie director.

+ Datasheet

Country: United States. Year: 2016. Movie director and script: Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu. Cast: Leonardo Di Caprio, Ben Hardy, Will Poulter with Domhnail Gleeson. Synopsis: Decade of 1820. On an expedition, the trapper, scout with fur hunter has been brutally attacked by the giant grizzly bear. His own companions consider him dead.