Coldplay comes back wanting to party

Coldplay misses the energy and vibes of the live show. He loves to make people happy. And that is why he returns with “Music of the Spheres”, his ninth album, which displays a rhythm higher than his latest productions, the premise of making up for lost time and taking a step forward and conquering the stadiums that the pandemic has had this last closed. a year and a half.

“Our previous album (” Everyday Life “, 2019) was made to be listened to in an intimate environment, not to be played in front of thousands of people in big stadiums. It was more introspective. But this is an attempt to solve big problems, to embrace the great situations that occur in life. We want to inject color, fun, positivity into the music. It is color and energy, “said Shall Champion. , Coldplay drummer, in an interview with EFE.

Songs like “My Universe”, made in collaboration with the Korean group BTS; “Higher Power”, the first single from the album, and “Humankind” are some of the clearest examples of what Champion explains. Explosions of color made so that when Chris Martin takes the stage he can jump, be happy and transmit energy to the audience.

“With the previous album we knew we weren’t going to tour, but we also knew That this kind of music would come again. When you know that you are going to go on tour it influences the way you write the songs and how you expect them to sound. This is what happened here “, says Guy Berryman, bassist of the English band.

But as is traditional in Coldplay productions, which has accumulated a career of already 25 years, this joy is distributed in quieter and sentimental with. This is the case of “Let Somebody Go”, a duet with Selena Gomez; and “Human Heart”, in which Martin is accompanied by a choir so that his voice is dressed as heavenly.

“These songs have taken on a lot the meaning of having lived in this rare situation in the last year and a half. They reflect tragedies, people who have been away from their loved ones, who have lost relatives, friends. For example, ‘Human Heart’, is an attempt to be able to embrace all these people, to show that Deep down, we are all human and that we all have a beating heart “we are, says Champion.

” For me, the sign that a song is good is that it has different meanings for people. different people, in different situations, can be reflected in them “, he adds.

With” People of the Pride “, where slight influences of American rock are noticed,” Biutyful “, much more friendly and pop, and “Infinity Sign”, which will serve as a concert lead thanks to the “oe, oe, oe” chorus, rounds off an album that ends in the most unexpected way for the usual listener. ual by Coldplay.

A ten-minute piece close to progressive pop called “Coloratura” and in which Martin’s piano and the freedom of the group stand out.

“It’s a way of experimenting. In all our albums we try to create something different and this is a way to show a new side of our band, because many people, when they listen to Coldplay, they only listen to the ‘singles’ or the songs on the stereo, but it does not always represent who we are. . Our albums are a complete structure, from start to finish. “‘Coloratura’ is that we want to do something, make us not only make pop songs” see, explains Berryman.

“It was a very experimental album, but also very fun,” adds Champion.

“Music of the Spheres”, ninth album about the British, underpins the career of one of the biggest long-lived bands in the United Kingdom and.

“It is very rare For a band to continue making records after 25 years. We are very proud to be in a situation where we continue to enjoy playing together, having fun, “reflects Berryman.