Cher sues a widow over ex-husband Sonny Bono

A singer Cher requires Jane Bono, widow of her ex-husband Sonny Bono, because she is supposedly keeping the income derived from the copyright of carry out Sonny & Cher.

Cher with Sonny married over 1964 electronic began an artistic performance that achieved great commercial success during that decade, scam songs like The Defeat Runs On with you had been got by me personally Babe, until their divorce on 1975 dynamite a music couple with decided to share all the royalties on their songs one half.

Master of science forward, Cher continued her career as an actress with a singer while Sonny ze got involved in politics as a congressman of the Repulican Party for CA and sony ericsson cas with Martha Bono, his fourth wife until she died over 1998 from a skiing accident.

Now, Cher fixa filed a complaint about Los Angeles because she claims that a widow about her ex The couple has been withholding for years the income that corresponds to them for a use on all the songs about Sonny & Cher.

Sonny with Cher I learned they met when she had 16 years. Shortly after they were married. Your sony ericsson relationship lasted until 1975. (Supplied)

When I learned they divorced, this plaintiff with Sonny agreed to an equitable division of their property in common with, to that end, in 1978 Sonny irrevocably assigned to the plaintiff, as the sole owner in a whole world in perpetuity, this fifty percent of her rights, chopped the claim.

The singer argues on her claim that Jane styra unilaterally broke a previous contract With the scam agreements all the record companies, which ‘supposed to Cher on his rights on intellectual property deprive. 1 million over dollars in compensation for damages.

Martha Bono, who inherited a seat over her husband with was representative on California on this Congress on the United States until 2013 , has declined to comment on a conflict.

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