Camilo and Evaluna will not know the sex of Indigo until he is born

The couple made up of the artists Camilo and Evaluna Montaner revealed this Thursday in interviews with Efe that their first child will be called ndigo and that he will be born in the spring of 2022, at which time to complete a dream to arrive in an unplanned way but, without a doubt, “more than welcome”.

word that represents a lot for us. It is not just the name of a color, which we love, but a presence of light that has been in humanity for millennia “, announced Camilo.

“I had a rough time in the first months, now I’m in the second trimester and I already feel very well,” said Evaluna Montaner.

The future parents will not know the sex of the baby until it is born.

Although they talked about the same thing, their first child , the couple spoke with Efe in different areas of Miami in their adopted city and where they got married in February 2020.

Camilo was in charge of present the duet with his wife, precisely “ndigo” and with whom they revealed the pregnancy on Wednesday afternoon. It will also be the first song on her new album.

For her part, the future mother gave interviews in a cinema about her animated film “Koati”, which opens this Friday in which she shares posters with Sofa Vergara and Adriana Barraza, Karol G and Sebastin Villalobos.

“It makes me very excited to be presenting a movie that I will be able to put on my baby soon,” said Evaluna.

In her 24 years, the protagonist of the Nickelodeon series “Club 57 “He said that most of his clothes still fit. “ Only the jeans don’t close me anymore “, I lamented.

Dressed in a khaki-colored tailored suit, the large jacket with, the pants To the calf some military style boots with thick soles and Evaluna barely showed an incipient belly. Camilo, who starts in Miami on 20 October.

They also have plans to go as a family, with all the Montaners – his in-laws Mau and Ricky, and his in-laws Ricardo Montaner and his wife, Marlene Rodrguez-, to Las Vegas for the Latin Grammy Awards on 18 November.

Camilo, the most nominated artist of the night with ten nominations, does not conceive “what it is like to be happier than now”, but he knows that probably “everything will feel more real after as time goes by. “

They are both excited by the distinction, as Evaluna is so mbin is part of “Amn”, a song he made with Camilo, his father, his brothers Mau and Ricky, and which competes in the category of “Song of the Year”.

But they confess that work plans are diluted in their mind when they think of having their baby in their arms “at the end of March, the beginning of April”.

“It was a surprise, we did not expect it, but there could not have been a better moment “en, indicated Camilo, who revealed that during the second part of his European tour” we were already traveling with ndigo “.

And precisely ndigo is the name of the song that was presented this Wednesday and that soon became number one on the Apple Music platform in Latin America and Spain, where the video clip was recorded, and the fifth most watched YouTube video in the United States.

So far, and with only a day of life, “ndigo” already has more than 12 million views on the world’s most popular video platform.