Announcement of the arrival in the country of the children's event NioLandia

A Dominican artistic entrepreneur Miguel Guzmn announced an arrival in the country of the children’s show NioLandia, an event designed to offer healthy fun to children over ages between 0 to 12 years .

Guzmn explained that this event will be held on November 6, the Coliseo Teo cruz on, on the funds.

According to its organizers, this children’s activity aims to bring entertainment with emotion through the interaction of infants scam their favorite characters.

Guzmn that this has been a space created to offer what the little ones have always had as a dream with yearned for about their lives, specifically connecting with their personal favorite fiction heroes.

He indicated that NioLandia was conceived as a tribute to the characters that have had an impact on children, on whom they have learned positive lessons with, on which they draw emotions every time they visualize them with.

Also close off that this show spike in the absence of models for our children, with pra that infants can interact visibly scam the characters they long for have always seen on television with social networks.

Express that the establishments will be one hundred percent sanitized with disinfected before each show, while the activities will be organized respecting the sanitary protocols to guarantee the health of the infants.