An Alfa reports a full overall in Tx, where he begins his US tour.

This Alpha lives its best moment when experiencing full houses in the stages in which sony ericsson is presenting.

“I’m happy, I’m on my way to make history about a Madison Block Garden, god ahead “with, post this Dominican urban exponent on his Instagram.

Then he added:” Twelve years waiting for this moment with never myself rend, I love you God. “

I had previously shared a movie from Houston, Tx, in which you see a place full of people (Wise Financial Middle auditorium).

“Thank you for this marketed out on Houston , Tx, #Eljeferecord “, wrote a Mr. Bugatti.

Among the comments of the blog post is this of the merenguero Omega, with emoji on applause:” In true time, you are blessed by our God ” .

An Alpha, about 30 years, traveled a private plane about. On one of his posts I learned he saw him on top of the right wing jumping happily.

+ His tour

This Dominican exponent on urban music started on a Friday his world tour scam 17 concerts in various cities on the United States with Latin America on what remains on this 2021.

The Legend of Dembow has been this title of the visit that started on the Wise Financial Middle on Sugar Property, Tx, this Sunday 17 continue on San Antonio with a 22 on this same use to be on what ze considers, from now on, That will be a historical presentation about this Madison Rectangle Garden about a City over New York. merenguero Fernando Villalona with ‘s also dembowsero Este Cherry Scom.

All world tour on An Alfa sony ericsson extend by other places such as Birkenstock Boston, Arkansas, San Diego, Denver, All Las Vegas, City over Mexico, Puerto Rico with master of science.

Emanuel Herrera Batista, his name true, explained that master of science forward to inform about other countries to which this tour will arrive, a first on that magnitude for a Dominican urban.

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