After Johnny Ventura, what?

The physical disappearance of Johnny Ventura may become the beginning of a rebound in meringue. Paradoxes of human existence. A death can be the spearhead used by rhythm cultists to light a fuse that revives a languishing genre. networks.

It is necessary to reconquer the traditional public and then assimilate the new generation, but this is only achieved by maintaining the rhythmic base and adorning with the new colors that young people today enjoy.

It is not to bring the merengue to the urban but to bring the urban to the merengue. The alternative is not featuring or collaborations between artists of different genres, as this does not represent any benefit. Sympathy transfer is not carried out by smosis.

The meringue must return to its original moment of development in terms of its placement on the market , when its commercial explosion allowed it to become the mandatory reference in the music industry.

At the beginning, the basis of urban marketing, as happened with the merengue in the 80, consisted of popular activities at affordable rates that made possible presentations without admission rights with, which guarantees greater attendance from the public and that the owners of premises and businessmen obtained great benefits, becoming the best promoters of this music.

The artists, for their part, reduce their costs with fewer people on stage and recording in home studios on samples to make their discographic productions.

In my opinion the hit of the urban lies in identifying and satisfying the desires of a non-demanding generation and applying it in all senses two a marketing system of low cost and promotion of greater efficiency. Work.

The success of a musical project has always depended on three basic factors: the hitting of a song, good marketing, better diffusion and.

With the music This has not happened for a long time and on the horizon there is no glimpse of the appearance of a new phenomenon that could contribute to change this perspective.

There are some projects in the pipeline but they are still to be lit. Among those I know on that route are Len Yamil, Alex Suarez, Denitza Gonzlez, Cinthya Montero, Maurizzio, El Cayca, Estefany Constanza, Rufo Daz and others.

But the already known and popular Manny Cruz, Ala Jaza, Rafely, Gabriel and Jandy Ventura have the torch at the pivot.

Manny and Ala Jaza already have an advanced path. Rafely just lacks a serious attempt a valid job with.

Gabriel has had strong sound investment with lousy market management.

In Jandy I perceive the popular leadership of a refined heritage. It doesn’t have the charisma of its parent, but the other pillars make up for it.

Jandy should only consider threshing his own path not feasting on his presence in activities that detract from their merit and market value for looking for the meal of the day and applying to the letter the book that his father could not write as a guide to artistic behavior.

If he manages to develop His project without being Johnny Ventura but looking like his success is assured, because he has image, the discipline of the mentor and guide, the habit of work and the levels of quality necessary to succeed.