How does stress affect the immune system?

The functioning of the immune system is affected on different occasions by multiple factors, such as diet . And it is that the immune action uses different minerals and vitamins essential for a correct efficacy .

However, in the correct functioning of the immune system other factors also intervene such as physical exercise, adequate rest also prevent in stress and.

At present, many people live situations of stress anxiety motivated by different factors of relevance and. Each person develops stress for specific reasons, this fact can affect the functioning of the immune system and.

Stress and immune system

It must be taken into account that the organism of human beings is innately prepared to react to different levels of stress and acts by releasing adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones help people to be alert and protect us in dangerous situations.

Persona con estrés
Person with stress

The great health problem arises when stress sets in over time and becomes a chronic condition. When this happens it not only affects the immune system, but also the health of the body in general.

To better understand how stress affects the immune action of the body is It is necessary to refer to the words of Dr. Carolina Daz, immunologist at Clnica Los Condes.

This expert explains that it has been shown that chronic psychological stress decreases the number of B cells, which are those that produce antibodies, as well as the functionality and activity of NK cells -Natural Killer for its acronym in English-. Both are within the group of lymphocytes and have an essential function in the defense of the body against bacterial, viral and fungal infections

Next, Dr. Daz adds that the problem lies in threatening situations, this function can be impaired by sustained exaggerated adrenaline and cortisol release and. The above, with the aim of providing energy to face external demands.

In this sense, it is necessary to clarify that adrenaline is the hormone in charge of putting the body on alert to any stress situation. Adrenaline causes an increase in heart rate, raises blood pressure, increases energy and.

For its part, cortisol generates an increase in blood glucose levels and improves repair of tissues of the body.

These two elements help the body to cope with situations of acute stress in better conditions, although if they are released permanently they can cause negative health effects.

Hbites to improve the immune system

It is essential to control stress to avoid any damage to the immune system and the body usually. However, it is true that sometimes it is difficult to control this aspect.

Thus, the experts at Clnica Las Condes point out another series of healthy habits to maintain a good functioning of the immune system. For example, a balanced diet, adequate rest, regular physical activity, medication practice; as well as carrying out tasks or activities that help relieve stress.