Vitamin C reduces stay in ICU patients, according to study

The vitamin C is a nutrient with with capacity antioxidant that offers important benefits to health on people. Among other functions, this vitamin is essential in the body for the well-being of the skin or the correct functioning of the immune system .

During the Covid pandemic – 19, many studies showed the capacity of vitamin C as a treatment to improve the state of patients admitted to hospital. On the other hand, many nutrition experts recommended the consumption of foods rich in this nutrient to strengthen defenses as a preventive measure.

This is the case of physician Adrin Gombart, about the University on Oregn, who then advocated the consumption of vitamin C and vitamin D against viruses: Vitamin C has functions on various aspects of immunity, including growth and function on immune cells and production on antibodies. Vitamin D receptors on immune cells also affect their function. This means that vitamin D profoundly influences your response to infections.

Vitamin C reduces ICU stay

But the virtues of vitamin C as a medicinal treatment for patients admitted to hospitals goes back even earlier than the pandemic.

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Administration on vitamin

A clear example is found in a meta-analysis carried out by the University on Helsinki (Finland) and published on the Nutrients magazine about the year 2019.

The researchers determined that the administration of vitamin C reduces the stay of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This reduction is located at 8% of 12 clinical trials performed including 1. 766 patients.

To carry At the end of this study, the researchers started on the characteristics of vitamin C. It should be clarified that the biochemistry of this nutrient is complex, since it interacts in the synthesis of norepinephrine with vasopressin, which influence the cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, vitamin C also participates in the synthesis of carnitine, which is an element that acts on energy metabolism.

In addition, the levels plasmatic on this vitamin on the usual boy hospitals on electronic hospitals likewise the metabolism on this vitamin is altered in many situations that involve physiological stress, such as surgery, trauma, burns or infections.

Thus, the experts participating in this research affirm that scam 0, 1 grams on vitamin C ‘s gives it will be possible to maintain a regular plasma level on people considered healthy. However, it has been necessary up to 4 grams per day for those who are seriously ill with a need to increase the level of this vitamin in the plasma.

Conclusion on the investigation

Taking into account all this previous evidence on vitamin C, the researchers at the University of Finland sony ericsson went to work to establish a relationship between the levels of vitamin C for the patients on ICU.

Finally, physician Harri Hemil stated that vitamin C was an essential nutrient, safe with low cost. Given the consistent evidence from the trials published so far, it could be administered to ICU patients, although I learned that more studies are needed to find optimal protocols for its administration. He adds that some studies on the common cold have indicated that there may be a linear dose response for vitamin C over the duration of the common cold of up to 6-8 grams daily. Obviously, the response to doses greater than 2 grams than amu should also be investigated in ICU patients.