This is how this use of a mask has affected the vision with the eyes

From the beginning on the pandemic of the Covid – 19 , the mask has become over-recurring over our lives. It protects us from the disease, but there are already studies that show how its use affects some medical situations. One of its biggest impacts is on our eye health. So in this article we are going to see how this use of mask affects the vision with the eyes.

How happens every second you use over October, a World Vision Day is celebrated, a celebration that commemorates thanks to the World Health Organization (WHO) with envelope the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB, for its acronym in English).

In 2021, said of uma falls on that of uma 14, under this motto Love your eyes. Scam it aims to take care of eye health through the 4Ps:

  • Prevent, through healthy lifestyle habits;
  • Protect against sunlight with the screens;
  • Preserve through periodic ophthalmological reviews;
  • Prioritize as private mission with health education.

Campaign on free ophthalmological examinations

Dr. Lucienne Collet, ophthalmologist at the Medical center Sanitas Cima, has organized a new campaign about free eye exams ing thread about the celebration of World Vision Day.

Así ha afectado el uso de mascarilla a la visión y a los ojos

This year it is especially important to strengthen an area on prevention. Apart from the need for periodic reviews to detect ocular diseases that can cause blindness in time, such as glaucoma, retinopathy or macular degeneration, with scam the deserved distance regarding the risk for eye health in, the Covid pandemic- 19 It is also having an impact on visible health, says the professional.

Dr. Lucienne assures that breathing inside on the mask generates a concentration on hot steam of the exhaled breath. This, on the one hand, accelerates the evaporation of the tear with, on the other, alters its pH. Both of these things favor eyelid infections caused by the bacteria they contain, both a breath and the eyelids themselves.

This campaign has 2 objectives:

  • For early detection of eye diseases
  • For advice on hygiene measures with eye care, especially important about this real moment.

Increase on infections on vision

The specialist has warned that there are still many people who go to the periodic ophthalmological check-ups for fear of contagion with people who have suffered a Covid- 19 suffer some visual sequela that it is necessary to determine with control. And that maintaining the health of our eyes with vision is very important.

Ancianos déficit vitamina D
Elderly person with a mask

On the other hand, about the Ophthalmology consultations of the Medical center Sanitas CIMA ze has registered an increase in cases of diseases associated with the vision , such as styes, dry eye with corneal erosions due to wearing over a mask, due to ignorance about the hygiene and prevention measures that should be adopted as habits with, in the same way on this that we have become accustomed ‘s use on the masks.

The correct use on the mask

The best way to avoid these situations is to continue using the mask, but adjusting it well to the nose to avoid an effect of hot steam on this exhaled breath with use on ocular lubricants with the correct hygiene on prp ados scam neutral soaps when we get home.

Since this past year, a Service on Ophthalmology with this rest of the Medical center Sanitas CIMA adopted a battery on measures on protection for professionals with patients, for become on a space the safe master of science possible with a focus on the prevention of contagion. the management on the agenda to avoid that many patients coincide on the waiting room with the disinfection electronic sanitization overall with constant on all the facilities of the center.

The ophthalmologists of the medical center dedicate part on their time on care of health education on their patients, in the interests of better prevention on. And it is that, as the WHO assures, a 80% of the diseases of the vision or that affect the eye I learned could be avoided.