These are the symptoms and treatments to cure dry eye syndrome

The health of the vision is one of the aspects that most people neglect the most , although being a sensitive area of the body we should influence their care. The use of new technologies and atmospheric factors can cause damage to eye health .

On the occasion of World Sight Day, which is celebrated this Thursday 14, it is necessary affect an eye problem that occurs throughout the year, but can occur more frequently during the fall season. It is about the dry eye syndrome.

Dr. Enrique Artiaga Elordi, ophthalmologist of the Otalvist group, explains for ‘Insfosalus’ that dry eye is a chronic condition that is present throughout the year. However, some typical environmental factors in autumn can cause a worsening of symptoms.

Among these key environmental factors we find changes in temperature, cold, allergens or gusts of wind.

In this regard, this specialist adds that it is “a disease that occurs due to alterations in the tear, both because we produce little quantity or because the tear produced is not of adequate quality.”

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease that affects vision. The causes of this syndrome that affects the ocular area are multiple and of a differentiated nature. For example, age, hormonal changes in women, taking certain medications, environmental conditions, stress, working in front of a screen, autoimmune diseases, prolonged use of contact lenses or eye surgeries, among others.

Visión ojo seco
Dry eye

Likewise, dry eye also manifests in a wide variety of symptoms. In this sense, Dr. Artiaga points out that “it is common that the severity of the symptoms reported by the patient does not have a reflex proportionate to the symptoms that the ophthalmologist finds in the examination and this is something that the professional must take into account” .

Common symptoms of dry eye include itching, a sensation of grit in the eye, stinging, burning, a feeling of heaviness, pain and even a decrease in vision acuity.

Treatment of dry eye to take care of vision

The specialists emphasize the importance of going to a specialist before any sign of symptoms that could warn the presence of dry eye. Early diagnosis is essential to establish a treatment according to the patient’s situation and avoid a negative evolution in vision.

In this sense, in most situations this eye disease does not entail complications of health, although it can generate discomfort and pain in the patient.

From the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology they state that «only in some cases it can be serious and favor the presence of lesions in the cornea that can compromise vision. ”

Thus, there are different treatments to treat dry eye syndrome. The most common and immediate is the use of artificial tears or eye lubricants to eliminate dryness. Although, the treatment will depend on the patient’s situation and the cause that has caused the condition.

It must be taken into account that in most cases, dry eye is understood as a chronic process. According to Dr. Artiaga, many patients will not be cured by 100%, but if it is possible to considerably improve the symptoms and, as a consequence, the quality of life of the patient.