Pistachios, this perfect food for controlling blood sugar levels

A people scam diabetes have a need to control their daily diet , with a goal of maintaining some Adequate glucose levels on this organism. For them, many times they use a system on glucose monitoring above.

In this sense, a better way to control blood glucose levels is by eating an adequate diet, avoiding those that constitute the high Glycemic index on its food composition.

With is that people scam diabetes zero are prohibited from consuming any food. That t, there are groups on suitable foods for their condition with others that it is advisable to limit their consumption by this maximum.

Pistachio, great for controlling a glycemia

Although, there are also highly recommended foods for those with diabetes um those that must constantly control their glucose levels about blood. One of them are pistachios, a dried fruit that also has important properties for an organism.


In addition, being a scam food with a very low glycemic index, it is rich in fiber with favors intestinal transit. On the other hand, this pistachio consumption has the practically minimal effect on blood glucose levels after a meal.

With the important master of science, when sony ericsson pistachios incorporate the an intake of carbohydrates, contributes to reducing any hint of an increase in blood sugar. Therefore it is highly recommended for people with diabetes, as it helps reduce the glycemic load of other foods.

A study carried out by a University on Ca shows that pistachios They can help women with gestational diabetes to control their blood glucose levels after eating. The results show that pistachios are a smart food option for women with gestational diabetes, that they ingest the purpose of controlling their disease.

Other benefits about eat pistachio

Pistachios are a dried fruit with important properties for health. In addition, the proportion of its components is very balanced:

  • 20% of vegetable proteins.
  • 28% on carbohydrates.
  • 10% on fiber.
  • 44, 5% on healthy fats.

In addition, pistachios are high phytonutrients with antioxidant properties, which helps to have anti-inflammatory capacity. When good, it is a second master of science nut rich in iron with this first in its potassium contribution. Both elements are very suitable for controlling blood pressure.

In another order, a consumption of pistachio is also recommended for people with anemia scam. When well, supplementing that includes the intake of foods rich in vitamin D can cause a better absorption of the iron itself of the pistachio.