Oral hygiene recommendations for people with braces

People who have brackets find it more difficult to carry out adequate oral hygiene , since the shape of these braces dental causes food debris to accumulate more easily between the teeth .

Any element that a person wears on their teeth to correct their structure can complicate oral hygiene, such as brackets, wires, metal bands or other fixed orthodontic elements.

In In this sense, people who wear braces must know how to brush their teeth after each meal for the oral hygiene process to be effective.

teeth with braces

Although it is a little more difficult, brushing teeth is more necessary than ever for people who wear this type of orthodontics. And is that food easily accumulates between the wires, and can form bacterial plaque if oral hygiene is not taken care of.

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Person with braces

When bacterial plaque forms on the teeth, problems such as gum inflammation or cavities may appear.

As Indicates the dental hygienist of the Quirnsalud Alicante Dental Unit, Fini del Castillo, The objective of the treatment with braces is to correct the teeth so that they are aligned and beautiful. But it is also necessary that when the braces are removed, the teeth look healthy and clean.

Here are some guidelines to properly brush the teeth and perform proper oral hygiene if wearing braces :

  1. First we can perform a vigorous rinse using only water in the mouth. It is a first step to remove the remains of food.
  2. We place the toothbrush between the gum and the tooth. In this way we will clean the area of ​​union between the two, being also where the bacterial plaque accumulates more.
  3. Using circular movements, place the brush in the lower part of the bracket and up to the edge of the tooth.
  4. Finally we clean the area of ​​the teeth in which we chew and also the inner face, so that oral hygiene is optimal.

Finally, from Quirnsalud they recommend the use of superloss thread. It is a type of dental floss that has a stiffer tip to be able to pass through the arch and clean the rest of food or bacterial plaque between the teeth.

In addition, the experts In oral hygiene, they recommend that the brushing time after each meal should last between 3 or 4 minutes for cleaning to be ideal. Brushing before going to sleep is the most important of the day.

More recommendations for oral hygiene

Actually, the The type of brush to be used does not play an essential role in the oral hygiene of people with braces. However, it is more important that the brushing technique is effective.

On the other hand, it is important to change the brush regularly with. This is due to the fact that the brackets produce a faster wear of the bristles and the effectiveness decreases.

Another key aspect to take into account for better oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is the use of mouthwash, an activity that must be carried out before brushing. Mouthwash helps prevent gum inflammation and prevent cavities.