Fine of over 4,000 euros for adding to a WhatsApp group without consent

If we talk about WhatsApp we can say that there are many things that perhaps cannot be fully controlled in terms of our privacy . And it is that, although technology today is of great help, there are times that we cannot have everything under our supervision with handle.

Now, according to this newspaper La Razn, a Spanish Agency on Data Protection ( AEPD ) fined the sports membership for adding a former member to the group on WhatsApp .

A problem has been that, by doing so, your number ‘was exposed to all the other members in breach of several points on a Law on Data Protection .

This Organic Law on Data Protection , whose last update came into force on Spain over a year 2018, protects all Spanish citizens from compliance with a protection on their personal data, all public freedoms and human rights with.

Until now there have been few complaints in the messaging application that have been made effective. tives. But this fine has been a big surprise for both the victim and the club, which has to compensate the former member with 4. 000 fine .

4 errors in WhatsApp that have led to 4. 000 fine

This simple action at first without more seriousness for the club, has led to the breach of 4 important points of the regulation . Each of them valued at 1. of fine for those sanctioned.

First of all, the club should have eliminated all the data of the former member when it left its services.

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And it is that, according to the AEPD and as reported by La Razn , the article 5.1e) establishes that the data may not be kept for more than time necessary for the purpose for which they were taken and in this case makes 10 years that the claimant is not the client of the claimant.

Second, the club violated the Law leaving all the data of the former partner in full view. In this way, you breach the confidentiality of your data.

And it is that according to the article 32. 1b) , the person in charge of collecting their clients’ data must guarantee confidentiality, integrity, availability, resilience permanent on systems with services on treatment with.

Third and fourth violation of the Regulation

Thirdly, the AEPD has fined the club with another 1. 000 for not complying with article n6 of the Data Protection Regulation . Since adding it to the group of WhatsApp it is clear that the measures that were taken were not enough, and the breach of this Law.

Finally , they have been imposed another fine of 1. 000 for not having the consent of the victim when adding it to the group without prior consent.

The AEPD means consent, as reported by La Razn , any manifestation of free will, specific, informed and unequivocal for which it accepts, either through a statement or a clear affirmative action, the processing of personal data concerning you.

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WhatsApp tricks to maintain your privacy

In itself the application is increasingly secure when it comes to protecting the personal information that is stored in it. Still, there are certain things you can do to increase your privacy.

Decide who adds you to groups

To decide who you want to be added to WhatsApp groups, you must enter Settings or Configuration. Next, account in, Privacy and finally, groups in. On this you can decide if you want Everyone to be able to make it separate, or only My contacts.

Leave the groups without anyone knowing

To avoid being disturbed, single you have to deactivate all notifications and silence that group with. You then solitary should file it with no longer master of science about your recent national insurance conversations about your notifications showing up. Mind you, you will have the option to silence it only for 8 hours, a week or a year.