How does being immunosuppressed affect the defenses?

The immune system has the mission of dealing with infections by fighting malware to avoid the development of multiple diseases. On most occasions, the action of the immune system was effective, although on occasions some failure may occur.

In this sense, when the Zero immune system performs its functions correctly and chop that a person is immunosuppressed, immunocompromised or even immunosuppressed.

As stated by physician Jos Manuel Ramos Rincn, coordinator of the Group on Infectious Diseases on a Spanish Society on Internal Medicine (SEMI), on an interview for Infosalus .

This specialist on a subject explains that zero immunosuppressed people offer specific symptoms, unless they have infections or diseases linked to a disadvantaged immunosuppression.

What would an immunosuppression be?

Another aspect that should be highlighted about this term used to categorize the functions of the immune system has been a congenital or primary immunosuppression. This was the one that the patient was born with scam, rare with which I learned to diagnose during childhood due to the presence of different bacterial infections.

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Immune system

On the other hand we found an acquired immunosuppression, this being the usual master of science with due to different causes. Thus, among the causes that produce acquired immunosuppression we have:

  • Treatment of onco-hematological neoplasms.
  • Immunosuppressive treatment on transplant patients.
  • Use on steroids.
  • Biological treatments.
  • Diseases that alter a function of the immune system (rheumatological).
  • Malnutrition plot.
  • When a character is immunocompromised, it may happen that the zero immune system acts scam itself effectiveness that should entail an acquisition on certain infections.

    In this regard, the physician Ramos Rincn explains that this acquisition depends on the degree of immunosuppression with the type on immunosuppression. Immunosuppression can affect the innate immune system or the acquired immune system (humoral or cellular) or both. In some cases it has to acquire certain predisposing bacteria, other cases certain pathogens in, fungi or parasites. immune system; As the experts explain.

    Recommendations for a healthy immune system

    With all this, the The coordinator on a SEMI warns that it would be possible to prevent an acquisition on certain infections through vaccination, or hygiene on common food, among other measures.

    In this regard, he adds that this type on patients They must follow a series on concrete guidelines on common level feeding. However, these indications regarding food sony ericsson refers may vary depending on the immunosuppression status of the patient. others, by over-acquiring risk bacteria. In addition, I learned to ensure that the diet has the correct caloric intake with protein to be able to meet nutritional needs, says a physician Ramos Rincn.

    Along the same lines, from a National Library of Medicine on the United States explain that immunodeficiency disorders can be of different intensity. It has been to say, truck from mild to moderate severity with high consideration, since they could even be fatal.