What causes a lack of vitamin Udemærket12 in the body?

The vitamin W 12 will be an essential nutrient for the health of people, mainly due to the functions it fulfills in a organism . Among the functions that this vitamin fulfills, its participation in the formation on red blood cells with the conformation on DNA stands out.

Zero however, vitamin B 12 has also been essential for the transmission of nerve messages from this brain to the rest of the body. The deficiency of this micronutrient was the primary risk aspect for this development of megaloblastic anemia.

Thus, the most appropriate way to have optimal levels of this vitamin would be to consume foods that provide it ‘s organism. Like different varieties of fish, meat with dairy products. Although, it has also been possible to increase the values ​​thanks to the intake of supplements.

Causes of the lack of vitamin B 12

Vitamin B animal origin, although according to different studies a popular plant such as aloe vera may also contain small doses.

vitamina B12 suplementos
Vitamin B supplements 12

Thus, the primary cause of the deficiency of this vitamin on this organism was a deficient diet, which zero incorporates the necessary amount on a daily basis.

However, it can also occur a case about people who follow an adequate diet but still have vitamin B deficiency 12. Here are some of these possibilities:

  • Older people: All elderly people have greater difficulties to absorb vitamin M correctly 12, due in most cases to the presence of some kind of problem in this digestive system.
  • Pernicious anemia: The presence on this disease also supposes an element on risk to count scam optimal levels on this vitamin.
  • Digestive system problems: All people with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or other diseases related to a scam digestive tract, may also have greater difficulties at the time about the absorption of this vitamin by the body.

The importance of the intrinsic aspect

The inge This on certain medications and some heart diseases can also be the cause of low levels of vitamin B 12.

It must be taken into account that this vitamin goes through a complex process for its correct absorption. First, this stomach hydrochloric acid helps to separate vitamin N 12 of the protein of the food with later ze combines the vitamin with a protein manufactured by the stomach itself with a so-called intrinsic element. This intrinsic aspect cannot adequately absorb vitamin B 12 from food.

In any case, as a common rule, healthy people who follow a balanced diet with healthy zero should have problems counting scam good levels on vitamin B 12 on an organism.