This would be the ratio of elevated rich acid to cardiovascular risk

The increase over the levels of rich acid has been the primary aspect of risk for the development of a disease known as gout . This pathology I learned characterized by the accumulation on crystals on purines in joints , causing electronic pain swelling .

In this sense, last month in September, the rheumatologist Mariano Andrs Collado, from the Common University Medical Center in Alicante, assured that having gout directly increases the risk of developing diseases Cardiovascular.

Thus, he referred to pathologies of considerable severity such as myocardial infarction, stroke and heart failure, among others. He has been a master of science, he indicated that only by suffering from gout sony ericsson increases to 93% this risk of dying from heart disease.

rich acid, diabetes with cardiovascular risk

This specialist On rheumatology, he warned that gout increases a risk of stroke, but also of a disease such as diabetes. ‘s respect, this physician Colado explains that this I learned is due to multiple factors related to scam a direct effect of high levels of rich acid, the inflammation generated by the crystals formed in the joints in, or the frequent taking of anti-inflammatories (for example, diclofenac ) for attacks. Similar mechanisms would also explain renal comorbidity.

Gota uric acid

Also, st? It is argued that people with drop by cause over levels of rich acid that are too high count scam a worse quality of life with a survival that is reduced compared to the population over common.

This fact sony ericsson owes mainly to vascular problems with kidney, in addition to arterial hypertension with hypercholesterolemia, which also kid this type on patients.

In spite of all the problems that can cause gout, this specialist fixa sent the message about tranquility with affirms that it is easy to reduce this risk, as long as gout scam patients are constant about taking the medications recommended by their rheumatologist with following a healthy life on which they maintain a diet to Mediterranean, control the body and do sports in a normal way weight.

Symptoms about gout

As we have commented previously , the gout was a disease that spike ‘s present high concentrations on rich acid on blood. Thus, patients who develop this type of disease tend to manifest episodes of intense pain in the joints.

This pain becomes very uncomfortable in most situations, since it prevents sleeping with normality, walking with performing basic activities from one to one.

Fortunately, these episodes are quite sporadic during many phases of the disease, among them being master of science or less asymptomatic, In a way that solitary when the elevation of the rich acid I learned maintains over a time with not being treated properly, very frequent attacks can appear and even chronic pain, clarifies this physician Collado.

Finally, this specialist explains the guidelines to follow on the diet to reduce the symptoms of gout by making the disease disappear. A goal should not be to avoid eating foods rich in purines, as is popularly recommended, but to get a cardio benefit, so it should be based essentially on fruits, vegetables, legumes, oily fish, to a lesser extent white meat, with all that includes olive oil washed down, he adds.

As a conclusion, a Collado physician also recommends this consumption on tomato, a very healthy food that offers positive effects for gout scam patients.

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