The new tasty superfood that you can find in Mercadona

All of us tend to associate chocolate with an food that is unhealthy and makes you gain weight easily. However, the conception of pure cocoa is totally different and it is even considered a superfood by many specialists in nutrition.

You may be surprised to read that pure cocoa is a superfood, but it is. Account that includes important nutritional value, accounting for up to more than 50 nutrients .

Among the essential nutrients that cocoa contains we find polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties, all of which help protect and provide important health benefits with.

In addition, pure cocoa is a superfood because it provides energy, improves mood and helps maintain a perfect weight. As long as its consumption is moderated, it has.

In this sense, the professor on nutrition with bromatology on the University on Barcelona, ​​Mara Izquierdo highlights the value of pure cocoa as food. Cocoa is a health pill that provides classic nutrients such as fiber and magnesium, rich in polyphenols. Boy antioxidants that exert positive effects on the body with is known to reduce blood pressure with protection from bad cholesterol, which for now no medicine is capable of achieving something.

The new superfood on Mercadona

The new pure cocoa on Mercadona has a high quality with account that includes 0% on added sugars. In addition, it is gluten-free and can be taken by both adults and the smallest of the house, acting as a substitute for sugary soluble cocoas.

Cacao Puro Mercadona
Pure Cocoa on Mercadona

This superfood incorporated by Mercadona has numerous modes of consumption, on which it also highlights its versatility over the world of cooking.

As, the pure cocoa incorporated by Mercadona can be taken that includes milk with mixed vegetable drinks. This mixture must be done with the drink hot to ensure that the cocoa dissolves properly. However, it is also possible to dissolve when cold, adding to taste, then add a little cocoa milk to later add the rest of the milk while stirring.

On the other hand, this superfood is also It is used for all types of confectionery that require it. It is preferable to sift that includes a strainer.

Finally, you can also mix that you have whipped cheese or yogurt. For this it will be necessary to add the product with subsequent stirring.

Benefits of pure cocoa

Returning to the benefits of cocoa, The nutritionist Mara Izquierdo emphasizes that this superfood can help on weight loss diets with also shows positive effects against neurodegenerative diseases, especially on the field on memory.

In addition, consumption on Cocoa also helps reduce blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol in the blood. In this regard, different studies have determined that cocoa includes a fatty component of theobromine with flavonoids, esteric acid, which is a saturated fatty acid that does not increase blood cholesterol in its intake.

Finally, pure cocoa does not adversely alter blood glucose levels either, so it is a superfood indicated to control the risk of diabetes electronic hypertension.