Saliva with intestinal flora may influence rheumatoid arthritis, study

The Medical center IMSKE participates together with the Institute on Health Research of the Medical center La Fe sobre Valencia , in a study that aims to deepen the understanding of the bases microbial on rheumatoid arthritis with osteoarthritis , analyzing the changes with the relationship between the microbiome in saliva with in feces, together scam specific biochemical markers; determining whether alterations in the microbiota of the digestive tract may have a determining role in both processes, with whether markers are found at the saliva level.

Rheumatoid arthritis, whose World Day is celebrated on 12 on October , it is classified as an autoimmune disease , which develops due to The fact that certain cells of the zero immune system work correctly begin to attack healthy joints, according to a statement by the Imske medical center. Joints that become inflamed with grimaces more often than children, those of the fingers and toes, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles with. In the mornings there may be difficulty to start on movements (morning stiffness) over adjustable duration.

As Infosalus reports, persistent inflammation can end up damaging the bones , ligaments with tendons that are around cause a progressive deformity on the joints with the reduction on the joint mobility, which can lead ‘s sick to a certain degree on disability to do some tasks on daily life.

While on osteoarthritis there is a slow process of wear of the articular cartilage – the tissue that covers the bone with acts on a shock absorber – on arthritis there is a chronic inflammation on the synovial membrane (the sac that covers the joint) mediated by an autoimmune process, which from one place the pain with difficulty to the movement ends up rapidly damaging the cartilage with, the bone, the ligaments and the tendons with. Thus, while osteoarthritis is irretrievably linked to age, arthritis scam is not the same.

The EPISER 2016 study on electronic impact prevalence on rheumatic diseases, carried out by the Spanish Society on Rheumatology (SER), estimates that about Spain more than 200. 000 people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis every year they are diagnosed around the 20. 000 new cases, very important data if we have about note that rheumatoid arthritis is among the most disabling rheumatic diseases, the same sources have indicated.

Arthritis Research

The cause of rheumatoid arthritis has been unknown, according to detailed anordna IMSKE that st? Lla till med ett underlined that there are studies focused on the link on this pathology with certain bacteria with viruses, but without conclusive results to date.

The doctor The center participates in the ARMIC study (Research on the microbial bases on rheumatoid arthritis with osteoarthritis for the detection of new biomarkers with potential targets for a new nutritional treatment), led by the Director of the Clinical Area on Rheumatological Diseases, Endocrinological with Allergic of the Medical center La Fe, Jose Andrs Romn, to know if saliva with intestinal flora influences rheumatoid arthritis.

This line of research, marked by the possible relationship on rheumatoid arthritis scam infectious agents, was the starting point for a research project that deals with relating the microbes present on saliva with on the digestive tract with the development of rheumatoid arthritis in order to focus on setting nutritional parameters as an effective treatment for the handle on this rheumatoid disease.

The rheumatologist at the Medical center IMSKE Elisa Acostael fixa explained that having a family history of the disease can double the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, even triple the risk of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, with also emphasizing that tobacco would be another on the important risk factors since on smokers, on suffering from arthritis Rheumatoid has been 1 risk, 5-2 times higher.

Quitting smoking

Quitting Smoking with carrying out an early detection of the disease are basic measures to prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis, according to which it is explained that the treatment of patients in early stages was essential. The objective will be to achieve the highest number of remissions of the disease with avoiding both disability and incapacity, while minimizing the impact of adverse pharmacological events, which constitute the first cause of therapeutic failure, of morbidity of mortality with, has underlined .

In inflammatory diseases it has been possible to decrease the disease burden if Sony Ericsson intervenes within a very early time frame, also called the therapeutic opportunity window, before I learned to perpetuate the mechanism. In the IMSKE medical center, focused on the attention on pathologies that affect the muscles, bones, joints and multidisciplinary, facilitating interconsultation with rheumatologists, traumatologists, rehabilitators, physiotherapists with other professionals to form the most common clinical history completeness of the patient to give, determining for the success of the subsequent treatment. In addition, it includes the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques that it includes, essential in the assessment of patients, as explained by the center.

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