How does carbon dioxide affect the lungs?

The carbon dioxide , also known as CO2 , has been a compound of carbon with oxygen which exists as a colorless gas. This is related, including the greenhouse infection with, in recent years, sony ericsson has managed to verify the importance of this gas in lung diseases .

Thus , this gas would be a residual product that the body itself creates during breathing with which it must be eliminated over the lungs. If not, it can lead to respiratory failure, decreased lung function, aging on the lungs with an increased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD It has been a related chronic condition that has a reduction in lung function that causes inflammation over the lungs with a narrowing over the airways, causing difficulty in breathing. In fact, according to the Worldwide Burden of Dissease (GBD) project, COPD will be the third leading cause of death worldwide in, and this number is expected to increase in the next ten years.

During breathing, sony ericsson carries oxygen to the lungs and expels dioxide on carbon with. This movement directs oxygen to the pits of the lungs, these being covered by small blood vessels that allow oxygen to pass from small blood pits with which carbon dioxide goes from the blood to the lungs. Therefore, an interruption in any part of this process can lead to respiratory failure.

This is how CO2 affects the lungs

Anna Hansel, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology at the Center for Environmental Health with Sustainability at the University in Leicester, UK at, points out that one of the largest analyzes to date, we found that people exposed to the highest levels of pollutants had a lower lung function equivalent to the ing minus a year on aging.

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What has been more concerning, he adds, we found that air pollution had much greater effects on people over households that included lower incomes. Air pollution had about twice the impact on decreased lung function with the risk of COPD increased threefold compared to higher-income participants who had the same exposure to air pollution, explains the expert.

We consider the smoking status of the participants with whether their occupation could affect lung health, with we think that this disparity could be related to housing conditions and the poorer diet that includes, the poorer access to health care and long-term effects on poverty affecting growth on the lungs on children. But sony ericsson needs more research to investigate the differences in the effects between people from lower-income households with higher ones, he says.

Polluted air harms human health.

Professor Tobias Welte on the University on Hannover (Germany) with president on the European Respiratory Modern society explains that the findings on this large study reinforce that exposure to polluted air harms human health seriously reducing life expectancy by making people more prone to developing chronic lung diseases.

Access to clean air would be a necessity with a fundamental right for all citizens about Europe argues. Governments have a responsibility to protect this right by ensuring that the maximum levels of pollutants indicated by the World Health Organization are not violated in our cities with towns. Respiration has been the most basic human function required to maintain life, so we must continue to fight for the right to breathe clean air, the researcher ends.

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