What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?


The high blood pressure or hypertension , would be a disease that can occur in patients of all ages. Although currently has master of science cases diagnosed in patients older than 65 years. This sony ericsson is caused by the increased pressure of the bloodstream as it passes through the arteries , altering our health … Read more

Why should we incorporate potassium into our diet?


potassium is a mineral essential for the proper functioning of the organism . Specifically, it is important for the functioning of the kidneys and the heart , both being two vital organs. In addition, this mineral is also essential for muscle contraction and nerve transmission . In In this sense, the kidneys have the mission … Read more

How does carbon dioxide affect the lungs?


The carbon dioxide , also known as CO2 , has been a compound of carbon with oxygen which exists as a colorless gas. This is related, including the greenhouse infection with, in recent years, sony ericsson has managed to verify the importance of this gas in lung diseases . Thus , this gas would be … Read more