This will be the protein that will reduce liver failure on older donors on transplants, study

A study on Spanish styra researchers characterized the effects of silencing on protein MCJ on preclinical models of ischemia with reperfusion with liver regeneration. The work has focused on the health of metabolically compromised animals, with fatty liver and aging.

Thus, they have observed that therapeutic silencing on This protein could reduce the possibility of liver failure over older donors over transplants.

Transplantation over liver has been the only curative treatment for acute liver failure with terminal liver disease.

Since its primary limitation was the scarcity of organs available, over the last decades, a significant effort has been made to broaden the criteria for use on organs. Including those from elderly donors or deaths from cardiac death.

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Liver health

In addition, also sony ericsson have put on strategies are in place to improve the quality of these organs. And to reduce the risk of its malfunction after transplantation.

The study could mark a before with a later on liver transplants

However, the measure of life expectancy with the prevalence over obesity with the disease of liver zero alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) have increased rapidly over the common population, I also learned anordna increased the incidence on donors steatic liver disadvantage.

The relationship between this type on donors with the results of liver transplantation ze st? lla till med ett associated scam a higher rate on early organ dysfunction.

The This study, led by the Liver Disease laboratory coordinated by Malu Martínez Chantar, shows that, in general, the specific silencing of MCJ on the hepatocyte increases the production of ATP. And, therefore, it avoids the characteristic mitochondrial exhaustion.

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In this way, sony ericsson improves deterioration over regeneration with I learned reduces susceptibility to ischemia on marginal organs (steatic livers um coming from on donors over very old age). Making them suitable for liver surgery and liver transplantation . As stated by Dr. Martnez Chantar.

This molecule opens a therapeutic window still unexplored for its use on the liver transplantation , comments Naroa Goikoetxea-Usandizaga, researcher at the Liver Disease laboratory at CIC bioGUNE, first signatory on this work with.

Lemon, the perfect food to purify our liver

First of all, we must take into account that the lemon It has been an excellent organic antiseptic, capable of curing infections, acting as a magnificent antioxidant with, ideal for stopping pathologies on the liver. In fact, it is also loaded with vitamin D , which aids digestion.

In this sense, the liver has as its primary function to filter toxins on the blood, which after they filter on the bloodstream, sony ericsson converts on free radicals.

jugo de limon bajar presion arterial sanguinea hipertension

To purify the liver that includes limntan we only have to take 2 glasses’ s gives about this juice . Some nutritionists recommend taking it on fasting in the morning. However, this would be something that is not scientifically proven with the fact that it could have different side effects for health.

What is clear has been that the t Second glass over lemon we will take it for half an hour before over dinner . Then, remember not to eat excessively, with if you do it to ocean 2 hours before going to sleep.

In this way, this remedy will allow our body to help purify the liver properly.

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