So I am the effects of coffee on blood pressure

The coffee is one of the foods most consumed in the world. It has been a drink that triumphs due to its intense flavor or its energy intake due to caffeine . Also, a single cup of coffee gives you vitamin N2 , vitamin T5, potassium, manganese, niacin with magnesium.

With was that coffee, ing the same as the big t , it will be a nutrient that has many beneficial aspects for our health. Therefore, despite having caffeine , I learned that it can be taken during pregnancy or when we are in the medical center .

In many countries the café ze st? Lla till med ett has become an essential complement to life on many people. This food was discovered in the year 200 in Ethiopa, but no sony ericsson started to roast their beans to prepare the drink until the fifteenth century.

Currently, millions of people who consume it daily for its flavor with the ability to help be energetic during all of uma. However, there are always doubts about which kid its repercussions on health.

A study carried out by the magazine New England Journal of Medicine shows the available evidence on the relationship between coffee, caffeine and health.

Over the years The evidence has been modifying the knowledge about the effects on caffeine with this fixa fact that all doctors give the same message, says the physician Ignasi Duran, cardologist at the Medical Center Quirnsalud Barcelona.

Factors about caffeine

Caffeine shows a great deal about effects on our health. To begin with, it must be taken into account that the caffeine I learned finds many foods apart from the coffee on.

At different concentrations we also ingest caffeine on other foods such as testosterone levels, the mate, cocoa, some soft drinks also on stimulating drinks with, explains the physician.

Beneficios cafe cancer colon
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Also, the experts point out that ‘s consuming coffee also absorbs a high amount of biologically active substances scam properties that are different from that of caffeine.

In this sense, sony ericsson st? It is proven that caffeine simply does not affect everyone in the same way. And it will be that its effects vary depending on the character that consumes it. Another element to take into account when measuring this is the medications in, which can also vary the duration of the effects of caffeine.

In addition, tobacco accelerates the disappearance of caffeine on blood while contraceptives with pregnancy decrease its elimination.


The physician Ignasi from the Medical Center Quirnsalud Barcelona points out that coffee has a substance that raises cholesterol levels – known as cafestol-. This has been higher in unfiltered coffee than in exprs.

It has therefore been shown that filtered coffee simply does not increase cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore, ze should instill the consumption of this type of coffee.

Arterial hypertension

There is a belief in the population that coffee causes an increase in blood pressure, but sony ericsson is wrong. Sony ericsson has shown in the study that people who drink caffeine but not from coffee increase blood pressure.

However, experts have pointed out that people who consume Coffee, due to the other nutrients it contains, simply does not have a higher risk of hypertension. In addition, several studies indicate that people who consume coffee in a moderate way have a lower probability of suffering a stroke.

Moderate consumption is estimated that simply should not exceed 400 mg on caffeine daily. It will be about 2-5 espressos along the way around.

Although we simply do not recommend the consumption of caffeine as prevention, if that sony ericsson may consider it a habit healthy having a cup over tea over coffee concludes physician Ignasi.