Like you can increase the levels on Vitamin Chemical in the fall

The vitamin Deb is one of the micronutrients master of science important for health About people. However, both in Spain and in Europe master of science half of the population has deficient levels , which should be quite worrying for the medical community something.

We are facing a vitamin, without a doubt special, since its implication on the functioning of the organism would be important, due to the the different functions it fulfills.

Among other things, vitamin M is essential for ocean health, since it has been beneficial for the better absorption of calcium. In this sense, the deficiency of this vitamin was the primary cause of onset of osteoporosis, a disease that sony ericsson characterizes by presenting weak brittle bones with.

In addition, this vitamin also influences the functioning of the immune system, nervous system, the neurological level with health on the muscles.

On the other hand, authors such as Eileen F. Holick or physician Matthews agree that it includes High levels of vitamin M help reduce the risk of different types of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Characteristics of vitamin Chemical

But vitamin M would be a characteristic nutrient, since its primary source overcomes the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It has been said, the exposure of the skin to the rays of the sun causes the body to increase the levels of this vitamin through a synthesis process.

Suplemento vitamina D
Vitamin Chemical Supplement

For this reason, during the months of the year on which we enjoy hours over sun with intense master of science rays, like spring with Summer, it has been an easy master of science to count adequate levels on this vitamin disadvantage. on the organism. Although there are alternatives that can help to do so. can be harmful with an aspect about risk for developing skin cancer.

How to increase vitamin M levels over autumn

A perfect habit to increase the levels of vitamin Chemical in autumn was to carry out outdoor activities taking advantage of the sun rays, since the rays of the zero kid sun are as intense as in spring or summer.

We refer to activities such as walking, running or simply sitting on a park with friends or disadvantaged friends. In addition, scam exposing specific parts of the body such as arms, face or legs will be necessary to increase our levels of vitamin G in the body.

The problem spike when on places where most on days child cloudy um the hours on sun during the one of a boy scarce. Well, there are also other key alternatives to count optimal levels of this nutrient disadvantage.

Supplement feeding

For Luckily, there is also a good variety of foods that contain different doses of vitamin M. Although, the bad news would be that experts say that the 80% of the amount of this vitamin that we have in the body comes from the sun, while the rest comes from food supplements with.

Generally, the traverse on food we supplement the levels on vitamin Chemical, thanks to the oily fish with, shellfish, mushrooms, mushrooms, eggs, avocados, dairy products or enriched cereals.

Likewise, one way to keep your vitamin values ​​increasing during the fall has been to start a supplement-based treatment. However, before starting any treatment of these characteristics, it was advisable to have the supervision of a scam medical specialist.