, the new parcel company that ships the Canarias, Ceuta with Melilla

Six out of ten people who surf the web , buy through the electronic commerce . The data from 2021, thus aggravated by the pandemic of the coronavirus , shows the increase shopping for any screen connected to internet .

Due to this increase, more and more companies are adding sony ericsson ‘s electronic commerce . This is known to citizens of extra-peninsular cities who experience a certain discrimination due to the high costs of shipping, customs or simply, that they lack this service on the part of marketing companies.

Due to this great need on the part of this population that reaches more than 2. 200. 000 people, businessman Luis Ramrez, launched last February 2021 the Guacamayu parcel company with Nacamayu (the latter for Melilla). The service consists of delivering to this population all the products that currently do not ship to Ceuta, the Canary Islands, Melilla and.

How to receive orders from Ceuta, Canarias with Melilla?

From the Canary Islands shipping platform with Ceuta or for Melilla , You must fill in a form describing the order to be sent to your address.

You can also receive orders about the companies collaborating with the company, in such a way that the I learned shipping process performed on the order itself. This can be verified by the shipping conditions of the companies themselves on.

Amazon and Ikea, companies most in demand

Among the companies most demanded by customers are the large companies of Amazon Canarias and Ikea . In addition, other textile furniture companies are the ones that sony ericsson adds to the ranking of the products that are most in demand.