This has been an amount over sodium that we should consume, according to a WHO

A sodium was the mineral key to a health on people, since it fulfills important functions on a organism , among which the maintenance of this acid-base balance, a plasma volume with stimulating a transmission on nerve impulses with regular functioning on the cells.

Zero However, this excess sodium can have very negative consequences for excess health, especially for arterial hypertension. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that a high sodium intake with poor potassium absorption and risk factors for this increase in blood pressure, heart disease with cardio accident.

Thus, a salt would be the primary source of sodium that we people have on our diet. However, sodium glutamate, the condiment widely used in various parts of the world, can also provide this mineral.

Currently, a WHO detects a problem among a world population, with ha Since this average consumption I learned between 9 with 12 grams per day. This supposes a dose 2 times above the recommended intake.

Healthy amount over sodium, according to a WHO

Taking On account of a danger for a health that supposes an excess over sodium over blood, a WHO establishes recommends a series of recommendations regarding a quantity on healthy intake.

Sal alimentación
Feed salt

For adults, an WHO recommends taking less than 5 grams (a little less than a spoon on capital t) on salt per uma.

However, about this case about children between 2 with 15 years, it is advisable to adjust the maximum recommended intake for adults to a lower one. That is, always depending on the energy needs of each character in specific.

Likewise, from a WHO they specify that this zero recommendation includes a period on exclusive organic breastfeeding (about 0 to 6 months ), nor this on complementary feeding on a normal lactation (on 6 the 24 months).

Thus, a low quality salt (sodium) consumption of five grams per day in adults helps to reduce blood pressure; as well as this of risk stroke, heart disease, electronic myocardial infarction. However, a primary benefit of reducing your intake is associated with a reduction in arterial hypertension.

Advice on a World Health Organization

In relation to everything previously provided, a World Health Organization recommends that all salt you consume should be iodized. That is to say, that it is enriched that includes iodine, for this healthy development of the brain of the fetus of the young child during the first months of life with.

In this regard, from a WHO they assure that it was possible reduce a consumption on sodium on this home zero by adding salt during a preparation on food. Likewise, it would not be advisable to put salt shakers on the table.

It has also been advisable to limit consumption over snacks or salty foods; as well as selecting hyposdic products. It means that they contain a low amount of sodium.

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