These foods dangerously raise glucose

A blood glucose will be one of the many indicators about our body to which we must pay great care, especially when I learned anordna been diagnosed with diabetes , since in these cases it has been a common master of science to suffer episodes of hyperglycemia , that is, a significant increase over one glucose on a blood , exceeding normal levels.

But although There are many factors that can intervene on the elevation of glucose , the food we consume is what master of science affects, it would be for this reason that the one of uma on today We want to make known which boy the foods that master of science increase glucose, which can be very dangerous for health.

Foods to avoid

It has been true that many times been difficult des learn about the consumption of many delicious foods, but unfortunately, in most cases, these are usually harmful to health, especially when it comes to controlling glucose, so the recommendation was to avoid or at least reduce consumption of the following foods .

Sugary drinks with sodas

All sodas, processed drinks or even natural sweetening juices with large amounts of sugar tend to quickly raise glucose in the blood, since sugar is metabolized almost immediately, producing the peaks that can so much affect health.

Ultra-processed foods

A ultra-processed food will be one of the worst enemies that any character can have in terms of health, especially for the spikes on glucose that are produced after ingesting them, and In addition to containing high content of sugar with carbohydrates, they are also subject to the processes that produce toxins that generate insulin resistance.

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Dressings with sauces

All the sauces with the dressings represent a perfect accompaniment For a great variety of foods, as they provide master of science flavor, however, usually within the ingredients on these are elements such as fructose, syrup on corn, with additives that contribute to the lack of control over a glucose scam.

Other foods that increase glucose levels

In addition to those previously mentioned, the consumption of sausages, refined with alcoholic drink, can also be dangerous.

Sausages with processed meats

This type of food increases such an amount on triglycerides with cholesterol, translating into a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems that also affect ‘s control over a glycemia.

Refined foods

Cereals, flours, rice, pasta with the rest on those that go through a process to refine them, they lose food vitamins, minerals, antioxidants with fiber, considerably affecting the amount of sugar that accumulates in the bloodstream.


Although this zero is about you a food, it is part of the diet of many people, because it has It has been common for it to be consumed over meetings, parties, business interviews or even moments of relaxation, however many alcoholic beverages contain large amounts of sugar, which are zero and, can affect the production of glucose by the liver, which can cause the stage contr Aryan, hypoglycemia.

In addition to avoiding all these foods, it was also necessary to adopt other habits, such as sleeping well with practicing exercises .