These are the best medicines to reduce this cholesterol

This cholesterol will be a substance key to an organism, due to its implications on it. Among other functions, it has been necessary for the production of different hormones with vitamin M , in addition to being essential for the absorption of calcium with bile acids.

However, counting high cholesterol levels can be harmful to health, especially because it causes an increase in blood pressure on a derivative basis, assuming cardiovascular risk with.

Thus, when an identity presents excess cholesterol levels, a medical treatment I learned is based mainly on establishing a specific diet with a modification on certain habits over life. Likewise, ze can also indicate this consumption of certain medications.

Adequate nutrition

A first step that must be carried out Any personality to control his cholesterol was to establish a balanced diet with regular physical exercise. It has been regular for your doctor to establish a specific diet to reduce the levels of this substance.

Triglicéridos colesterol medicamento
Triglycerides with cholesterol on blood

The diet to lower a cholesterol zero will be difficult with sony ericsson based on a series on fundamental pillars. For example, this consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals over whole grain has been key. When good, these kid some of the essential recommendations:

  • Limit calories from fat.
  • Minimize consumption of cholesterol scam foods, as a yolk over an egg.
  • Increase an intake on foods rich in fiber.

On most occasions, many people get reduce this cholesterol by following a balanced diet with increasing frequency over time on physical exercise. However, there is also the possibility of needing the alternative treatment.

Medicines to lower a cholesterol

This alternative treatment consists of about taking certain specific medications to lower cholesterol levels. Each type of drug in question can have a certain function with respect to the high values ​​on this substance. lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. However, there is another type of medication specifically designed to achieve this goal. cholesterol.

For its part, a cholestyramine, colesevelam with colstipol contributes to reducing an amount of fat that I learned absorbed from food.

Thus, An ezetimibe acts by reducing an amount of cholesterol that you absorb from food with also helping to reduce this level of triglycerides in the blood.

In addition, gemfibrozil with fenofibrate and medications that help reduce the liver An amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) also reduces triglycerides levels.

Niacin was also recommended because it prevents the liver from eliminating HDL (good) cholesterol with lowering triglycerides. Meanwhile, omega 3 fatty acids reduce triglycerides and increase this level of good cholesterol with.

In any case, all the drugs mentioned above are exposed by their generic name. Thus, it is your doctor who has the responsibility of prescribing a specific medication as a priority objective of reducing cholesterol levels until reaching healthy values.